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Best of Central Europe

Must book at least 90 days in advance

Quick Details

Land Package Prices
1 Person in a Room
2 Person in a Room per Person
3 Person in a Room per Person

Available Dates

  • August 13th – 22nd, 2024

Travel the Capitals of Central Europe!

Our instructive and faith-building tour will help you to appreciate our rich spiritual heritage and discover the charm of the Central Europe. “Best of Central Europe” tour starts in Prague (Czech Republic) and ends in Budapest (Hungary).

Our tour includes hop-on/hop-off sightseeing tours in Vienna and Budapest, a Bible tour in the Ephesus museum (Vienna), a cruise on Vltava river (Prague) and Danube river (Budapest), visit to the Hungary Branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses and transport passes in Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Open for Delegates and Non-Delegates. Delegates can add before or after 2024 Special Convention!

Our tour is physically active. We believe the best way to get to the heart of a city is on foot, surrounded by the people and the culture. For this reason, we do walking tours through most of the cities we visit. It will be a vigorous pace with a great deal of walking on ancient pavements, up and down stairs, and hilly terrain. Expect to be on your feet, walking and standing, indoors and outdoors, and in all weather conditions. It is not recommended for physically challenged travelers who need assistance walking or those with limited stamina or mobility.

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