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About Us

Meet Our Staff

Starting in 2007, Bethel Coach Tours has grown to become an international company, with Brothers and Sisters in different parts of the Earth, working together to make each trip a success. All of our workers (some employees and some volunteers) are Jehovah’s Witnesses, some of which are regular pioneers, Elders and Ministerial Servants in their local congregations. Here is our most current company roster:

Our Story

The first Bethel Bus Trips began in 1988. We felt compelled to assist our fellow Brothers and Sisters who were traveling to “Bethel,” the world headquarters of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Hence, after gathering knowledge about how to do so, we went to work. Our local group in Alamogordo, New Mexico, organized our first-ever journey to New York City and Bethel.

The first cross-country bus ride was quite the experience, as you could guess. After traveling for miles on rural roads, ducking low below the bus windows as we passed through eerie New York City neighborhoods, and making way too many stops at well-known fast food restaurants because we were at a loss for better options at the time, we spent a significant amount of time turning around.

Even though we’ve learned a lot since then and expanded to become a global business, we firmly believe that our clients—who are truly our friends—come first. No matter where you choose to take us along with you, rest assured that our staff will be there to assist, advise, crack corny jokes with you, and generally ensure that your Bethel vacation is delightful and unforgettable.