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  1. Europe Tours

    Experience the best of Europe with Bethel Coach Tours! Our Europe tours vary in length and in destination making it easy to find the perfect European vacation!

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  2. Best of Central Europe

    2024 Special Convention Eligible!

    Marvel at the timeless beauty and majesty of the capitals of Central Europe: Prague, Vienna and Budapest and enjoy a colorful mixture of the Germanic, Slavic and Hungarian cultures, classical music, fine art and inspiring landscapes..

  3. All Tours

    Join Bethel Coach Tours in touring places of rich biblical history in other parts of the world, such as in europe, israel and other countries. Book a tour now!

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  4. Greece - Turkey - Israel Tour

    Travel through the historical cities of this tour and learn more about the biblical history of these places!

  5. Best of Germany

    2024 Special Convention Eligible!

    This instructive and faith-building tour will help you to appreciate our rich spiritual heritage and discover the history and charm of Germany.  Your journey begins in Frankfurt and ends in Munich.

  6. Greece Tour

    2024 Special Convention Eligible!

    Experience the beauty and history of Greece on a 7-day tour that includes visits to Athens, Ancient Corinth, Thessaloniki, and Meteora. See the Acropolis, the Areopagus and other ancient ruins, following the path of the Apostle to the nations.

  7. Greece - Turkey - Egypt - Israel Tour

    Enjoy a great tour of The Bible Lands’ 4 cities that are just biblically and historically rich with iconic historical sites in the world!

  8. Greece - Turkey Tour

    Experience the best of Greece and Turkey on this 17-day tour! Visit iconic landmarks like the Acropolis and the Parthenon in Athens.

  9. Rome - Florence - Venice - Paris - London Tour

    Travel across Europe and visit 5 beautiful cities along the way! Learn more about each city as you make your stop in each one!

  10. London - Paris Tour

    2024 Special Convention Eligible!

    Visit and explore the beautiful cities of Paris and London on a combination tour! Learn more about these wonderful cities!

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