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Just FYI: BCT has trips scheduled in conjunction with most of the International convention in the USA and outside the USA. BCT's optional tours and excursions are scheduled so as not to interfer with the Theocratic Program and local host city arrangements. Our trips are in addition to and in conjunction with those arrangements and can therefore be reserved and enjoyed by anyone and everyone. Will you be attending an international convention in 2014/2015? View ALL trips in conjunction with ALL IC's.

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New York Bethel & Smithsonian

New York Bethel & Smithsonian
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Bethel Coach Tours Visits Bethel Homes Worldwide!

There are Bethels with Bethel brothers and sisters all over the world. So a Bethel Vacation could include visiting a Bethel facility anywhere a bethel branch exists. The best vacation on earth for Jehovah’s Witnesses is one that includes a Bethel visit. Seeing how happy everyone is at Bethel as they work hard for Jehovah and for others allows visitors to personally see with their own eyes and feel with their own heart what life in the truth can be like for all of us. It will encourage you to focus not only on your own congregation, but on what Jehovah is doing worldwide through his faithful earthly and heavenly organization. We have seen first hand what a visit to Bethel can do. The tours the Bethel brothers arrange for visitors have the potential to change for the better your view of Jehovah, the organization, and your own congregation forever. Like ripples in a pond, the blessings that come from a visit to Bethel will radiate out through you and touch those with whom you share those precious memories. Now you can see why we believe the best vacation on earth for one of Jehovah’s Witnesses includes a visit to Bethel.

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