Is there a branch office and Bethel home in your country or in a nearby land? Bethel Coach Tours would be delighted to assist you, your friends and family to take a Bethel vacation wherein you will surely derive great spiritual benefit and a lasting impression from visiting Bethel. When you reserve a tour with Bethel Coach Tours, you receive a personalised digital desktop: your home for all things related to your tour! This digital desktop allows you to make payments, check documentation and get one-on-one support from a team of fellow Witnesses who are professional and courteous in the services they provide.

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Currently several trips that include NY are ‘Closed’ and not available for reservations. We are hopeful that we will be able to open some of those trips soon to new reservations. Please check back periodically to see if the green ’Reserve Now’ button is active on your trip of interest.

We have fixed the login, guest and Trip Partner/Travel Agent areas of the website so that they now display better and use the same look and feel of the BCT website overall!