Trip Status – March 2022

What is the status of our trips and Bethel tours around the world?

While uncertainty abounds on several fronts, it is our plan to proceed with all of our currently scheduled tours. At this time you can book most of our trips to EuropeCroatia and the Bible Lands. We understand that many are anxious to begin traveling again, while others are anxious to travel due to unforeseeable uncertainties. Your safety to CoVID-19 exposure as well as to war related issues, is our first concern. Should travel warnings, etc. be issued, we will reassess each trip on an individual basis to see if it'll be able to proceed or not. Because of the uncertainties, we strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance to be covered for such incidences. The coverage that we offer is available to anyone who legally resides in the United States. For all others, including US citizens that reside outside of the US, we strongly suggest that you look for sufficient coverage locally.

Bethel and Branch facilities around the world continue to be closed due to CoVID-19 pandemic. While we cannot say when they'll reopen, positive signs have been received and continue to be received from the organization. When/if notification is received, our website will be updated accordingly to reflect Bethel tours being included.

What do I need to travel?

In all instances, whether a visit to Bethel or Branch facility is included or not, local biosecurity measures will be respected and expected to be followed by our travelers. Biosecurity measures could include, but are not limited to, wearing a mask, showing a negative CoVID-19 test result (PCR or antigen), showing proof of vaccination, maintaining a safe social distance, etc.

For all international travel, outside your country of residency/citizenship a passport is required and in some cases, depending on your destination, a visa could be required. Additionally, depending on your travel plans, any or all of the aforementioned biosecurity measures may need to be shown to board an aircraft, bus or otherwise. Restrictions and requirements are constantly changing and could be dropped or added at any time.

Travelling now, more than ever, is a challenge, but it's not impossible. We hope that you continue to stay safe and close to the organization. If you're inclined to join us on one of our tours, we will be here to assist you.

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