Trip Partner Program

Through the years, the Bethel Coach Tours Trip Partner Program has benefited hundreds of our dear Brothers and Sisters; allowing many to actually earn a FREE Bethel vacation! Now, being a Trip Partner just got easier and much more rewarding! To enjoy the benefits of our generous program, please sign up here and get started right away!

Trip Partners can transfer their credits to another traveler of their choice. The traveler to receive the credits must be traveling on the same trip as the trip partner. This decision must be discussed with the BCT Office before the trip starts.

NOTE: Those in the full-time ministry for five years or more may qualify for additional savings.

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How Much Trip Partners Can Save

Being a Trip Partner for BCT means you could go on a wonderful Bethel vacation for FREE! Using the BCT Trip Partner program, you can earn big discounts on the land package portion of your trip by encouraging others  to join you on your trip or any similar type trip scheduled by BCT – and it is super simple to do! For everyone that you send to BCT and that makes a reservation you get the credit (even for your own reservation)!

Credits for All Trips, Off Land Package Prices, Are Earned as Follows:

  • 10 people* = 30% off your land package trip!
  • 15 people* = 45% off your land package trip!
  • 20 people* = 60% off your land package trip!
  • 25 people* = 75% off your land package trip!
  • 30 people* = 100% off your land package trip!
  • 35 people* = you get a FREE Full Package trip and a 2nd friend rooming with you receives 30% off their land package trip!
  • 40 people* = you get a FREE Full Package trip and a 2nd friend rooming with you receives 60% off their land package trip!
  • 45 people* = you get a FREE Full Package trip and a 2nd friend rooming with you receives 100% off their land package trip!
  • 50 to 55 people* (a full bus) = you get a FREE Full Package trip, a 2nd friend rooming with you also receives a FREE full package trip!

* Including yourself

Note: When and if possible BCT will make every effort to put everyone signed up under the same trip partner on the same bus but no guarantees!

The Many Benefits of Becoming a Trip Partner

Those who take the opportunity to visit a Bethel Branch will agree that it is one of the best vacations they will have ever taken. While everyone who takes the trip will learn a great deal about the machinery and hard work taking place in each department to provide our bible-based materials, they will be encouraged most by the warm sincere hospitality and happy spirit of the Bethel workers.

Once on your tour, you can finally relax from all of your hard work! Our trained and professional tour guides will take over for you making sure you and everyone you encouraged to go receive ‘the trip of a lifetime’!

Everyone who goes will bring back to their congregation an increased sense of love, joy, admiration and a sincere appreciation for Jehovah’s wonderful earthly and heavenly organization. Your congregation and the congregations of ALL those who visited Bethel will be up built and strengthened from such an encouraging vacation experience.

How to Make the Most of Being a Trip Partner

Communication is the key: Communicate on a regular basis by e-mail, phone or letter with those interested in joining your tour group. Let them know how the reservation process works and to be sure to select YOU as their Trip Partner. Explain what will be included in their personal account once they have made a deposit on their reservation. Encourage those who make a reservation to check their personal account OFTEN to stay up-to-date and informed about their trip.

Yes to be a successful trip partner all you need to do is direct interested ones and those who have made their reservation, to visit, use and benefit from the BCT online reservation system.

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Trip Partner discounts are earned ONLY against the cost of the land package and does NOT include a discount against the cost of the insurance, extra night(s), extra airfare, or extra transportation and etc.

Each person that makes a reservation indicating you as their ‘Trip Partner’, including yourself, gives you one credit. Once you’ve reached 10 people (credits), you reach the first tier of discounts, 30%. Additional sign-ons (credits) increase your discount, up to you traveling for free with 30 sign-ons.

Customers may sign-on for any trip, not just the one you are promoting. Credits may be used for a trip of equal or lesser value. For instance, if five people sign-on for London, Paris and Rome using your name and another five sign on for New York and Canada Bethel Classic with Manhattan using your name, you now have 10 credits (a 30% discount), which may be applied towards the trip of lesser value (New York and Canada Bethel Classic) or another trip of that value or less.

In addition, Trip Partner credits cannot be combined with that of another person, whether of the same family or a friend. You may, however, apply your earned discount to an individual of your choice. Once you’ve earned a minimum of 10 credits, they will expire after 18 months. In other words, you must use your credits within 18 months of earning them, or at least have your trip planned by the end of the 18 months. You may continue to earn credits during those 18 months and have any additional credits earned applied to the trip you’ve already selected, according to the above terms and conditions.

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