Travel Agents Procedure and Overview

Hello valued Travel Agents!

To begin with, BCT would like to thank you for your interest in being a BCT agent. For being willing to book your clients reservation with BCT for a vacation of a lifetime that includes visiting Bethel!

We want to take this opportunity to explain to you the procedure for all travel agents who might book one of their clients with BCT. If you haven’t requested to be a BCT Travel agent please submit the request form here.

After becoming a BCT travel agent you will be able to use your BCT issued password which will give you access to your BCT Travel Agents Manual. The BCT Agent Manual gives detailed directions on how to proceed with reserving trips for your clients. Click here for the step by step process of making a BCT Reservation.

Because you want to have more control of the booking process and the subsequent care of your clients the procedure for benefiting as a Travel Agent is somewhat different from that of a Trip Partners.

The procedure is simple yet allows you the Travel Agent to be personally involved in your clients booking and travel arrangements.

As a BCT agent you will have access to the following online information:

  • Your BCT Agents Manual
  • Your clients reservation that you made for them (Log into your clients travel desktop here). Use the 1st box and Log in as if you were the traveler using your clients username and pw that you set up for them)
  • Your client list to assist you in keeping track of those you’ve booked with BCT. (Click here for access to your client list. Use the 2nd box and log in using the username and pw issued you when you were approved as a BCT Travel Agent)

BCT will pay your 6% commission* on the date due, which is after each trip.

Again thank you for considering promoting our tours with your clients.

BCT Owner
Rocky Scrimshire

* Commission paid only on online quoted price of Land Package and not on Airfare or any extras and/or additional options charged the client.