Our Adventures in Turkey!

Our Adventures in Turkey!

Our Adventures in Turkey!

Our tour group of 30 brothers and sisters enjoyed visiting Turkey! We visited all seven locations where the seven congregations were located according to the Bible book of Revelation chapters two and three.

We read directly from the letters of the seven congregations in Revelation.

For example, we visited the ruins of ancient Pergamum, now called Bergama, which was renowned for its temple of Zeus, or Jupiter.

In the 1800‚??s, archaeologists transported the altar of that temple to Germany, where it may still be viewed, along with many statues and reliefs of pagan gods, at the Pergamon Museum in Berlin.

‚?ćWe also visited Pamukkale and the travertine terraces and enjoyed the hot springs! Next,¬†Our group visited the beautiful city of Istanbul including the Spice Market and the specular Grand Bazaar with its over 4,000 shops under one roof!

‚?ćCappadocia is a must-see destination! ¬†With its unbelievable rock formations, underground cities, and hot air balloons!

‚?ćAnd the food was incredible!

‚?ćOur local tour guide Selim Puler was outstanding! He was knowledgeable, fun, and helpful!

‚?ćAnd Timothy Martin our BCT tour guide!

We hope you too will be able to join us for one of our wonderful Bible Lands tours soon! Please visit our website: bethelcoachtours.com for more information!


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