News and Information from BCT!

News and Information from BCT!

Explore Our 2022 Tours

Our tours to Europe and The Bible Lands are still open.  Let us show you an overview of where you can travel this summer and the rest of 2022


Trips to Europe

‚?ćWe have trip from¬†Rome to London¬† this summer with some vacancies remaining. You can do the full tour or join us for just a part of it.


‚?ćÔĽŅClick here¬†to view all our Europe trip options, including¬†a fabulous new tour to¬†Croatia¬†to discover its ancient connection to the Bible.


Spaces are limited, so book today!.


Trips to The Bible Lands


‚?ćJoin us in September to visit¬† Turkey¬†with the option to visit¬† Cappadocia.


Our 8- and 11-day tours, respectively will cover the Biblical highlights within Turkey.


This trip will not disappoint!  You will visit Pergamum, Smyrna and much more.

‚?ćAdditionally, in November/December we have tours that will visit the Bible Lands of¬†Greece, Turkey, Egypt, and Israel. They range from 7 to 31 days, depending on which portion you choose, being one of the countries, two of them, three or all four of them.¬†¬†Click here¬†to view all your options.

All our tours, with the Bible Lands being no exception, are guided by experienced Jehovah Witness tour guides that are accompanied by local tour guides of each country, as required by law. Your faith will be strengthened by the time your return home. 

‚?ćWill a Bethel tour be included in my tour?¬†

Under normal circumstances, with rare exceptions, all our tours include a visit to the Branch facilities of the country or countries that you are visiting. Currently due to the CoVID-19 pandemic, until advised otherwise through our local congregations, visits to Branch Offices are not included. Once notification is received, we will do our utmost to resume and include Branch tours, as our circumstances allow. 

What documentation do I need to travel? 

Documentation varies by destination, the length of your visit and other factors. While we can provide you with general documentation requirements, you are responsible to ensure that you have the proper documentation for the locations that you will be visiting. Any visas that may be needed, are your full and sole responsibility to acquire.


At this time due to the ever-changing requirements caused by the CoVID-19 pandemic, you could also be required to prove that you are fully vaccinated. You may need to present a negative PCR or antigen test and/or wear a mask and you will need to respect any other local measures for the places you will be visiting. When or if testing is required during a tour, we will do our utmost to arrange for testing to be done, as needed. 

Is it safe to travel now? 

Traveling has always had its risks due to time and unforeseen circumstances. While the pandemic hasn‚??t ended, taking the necessary precautions, respecting biosecurity measures, etc. one can, for the most part, stay healthy and safe. However, traveling at this time, or making plans to travel at this time, additional risks and problems can arise, including, but not limited to, flight schedule changes or cancellations, new and ever-changing biosecurity measures in each country or location that you will be visiting, among others.


Your safety is our priority, whether within the United States or traveling abroad. While unforeseen occurrences can befall us all, practical wisdom and following the instructions of the organization and local governments, we can expect to be reasonably safe considering the circumstances and uncertain times that we are living in.


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