Who Can Reserve a BCT Trip Scheduled Inconjunction with a International or Special Convention

While BCT does NOT make any arrangements for tours or events in the host city, in harmony with the instructions from the USA branch below, BCT is happy to offer trips in conjunction with international and Special conventions!

INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING TO ATTEND SPECIAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS Use Of A Travel Agency For Auxiliary Tours: The Use Of A Travel Agency Is Optional. However, A Selected Delegate May Wish To Use A Travel Agency To Arrange A Sightseeing Tour Before Or After The Seven Days Spent In Connection With The Convention. If A Delegate Would Like Auxiliary Tours But Prefers To Make His Own Air Arrangements, He Should Inform The Travel Agency That He Would Like To Purchase A “Land-Only” Tour Package.

Even though BCT will not be providing any tours or services in the host city, upon request, BCT can assist attendees with airfare and with excursions in-conjunction with convention dates and locations

In Summation: Since BCT trips start after a International Convention and therefore do not interfere with arrangements made for Delegates in the host city both Delegates and Non-Delegates alike are welcome to  start the BCT trip of their choice together after the convention is over.

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