Which one is your cheapest trip?

Our very cheapest trip is a One Day NY Excursion to Brooklyn and if you have 13 people with you, it would be as low as $40 p/p. However this is merely an excursion; a short outing, and not really a trip at all. Therefore, to help our online visitors, BCT has a 'Find & Sort Trip' function that is very useful.

How it works

You can click here then to view and sort prices for ALL of our trips, you can go right to the 'price' column and click on the up arrow : and all prices will be automatically listed from the lowest to the highest. If you click on the down arrow ;, then prices will be listed from highest to lowest.

If you want to see a list of the lowest prices for a specific trip, then you can click on your trip of choice inside the 'destination' box, then click on 'Apply Filter'  and now you can sort or list prices just for that specific destination. You can also sort trips according to destination, trip name, and trip date(s) just as you can prices.

NOTE: J4U's and our NY and Paris Excursions are NOT included on the 'Find & Sort Tours' page.

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