When and How is my discount as a Trip Partner paid?

Any refunds due and/or discounts earned by any traveler is paid when the trips is scheduled to depart. Some travelers may accumulate and/or earn discounts and/or refunds for several different reason on several different occasions so BCT policy is to pay any and all refunds when the trip is scheduled to depart and it's not likely any more refunds will occur.

Usually we apply the credit into the Trip Partners account during the time the Trip Partner needs to pay in full for their trip.

If the Trip Partner has paid their bill in full, then BCT will send a check through Bill Pay (Compass bank).

If the Trip Partner has paid in full (or almost in full) and BCT owes them in credit/commission more than the Trip Partner owes BCT, then BCT will pay through our bank by bill pay but if they haven't we simply credit their account the credit due them.

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