When is it best to see a Broadway play?

The question is, how and at what point during a tour with Bethel Coach Tours can you see a Broadway/off Broadway play? We'd love to provide you with some ideas:

  • The preferred time to see a Broadway play: When the group is in Times Square and spends the day in Manhattan (this is usually on a Sunday) because that is when your tour guide can assist you best. The BCT tour guide will help you purchase discounted tickets at TCKT Booths in the heart of Times Square for a Sunday matinee. If you are a Bethel Premium Traveler your BCT Tour Guide will furnish you $60 in cash towards the purchase of your broadway play tickets.
    Pros: Most plays have seats available at the time of purchase. Cons: Some plays may be sold out.
  • A second option: For those who would like to see a Broadway play other than the matinee on a Sunday (and want to be assured that they can see a certain play of their choice) these ones can make their own reservations ahead of time via the internet for any day that allows for playtime NYC* (see Below) If you are a Bethel Premium traveler and if you purchase your Broadway tickets ahead of time, you will be reimbursed $60/person by your BCT provided Tour Guide.
     Pros: You have a better chance of seeing the play you want, when you want Cons: If the play lasts longer than the time the group has allotted in the city (before returning to the hotel) you will need to make your own arrangements to get back to the hotel. Your tour guide will also have suggestions on how best to do this option. Additionally, you will pay more for such tickets than the discounted ticket price offered for a Sunday matinee.
  • A third option: You can also make reservations to see a Broadway play on the evening the group returns to the hotel from Canada. If you are a Bethel Premium traveler you will be reimbursed by your BCT Tour Guide $60/person.
    Pros: You have a beter chance of seeing the play you want, when you want. Cons: Such tickets are not discounted. Plus, you will have to get into Manhattan and back on your own (because the group goes directly to your hotel and stops there). Of course, your BCT tour guide will be happy to offer suggestions on how best to attend a evening Broadway play. Another con for this option is that some may find that the long drive back from Canada to New York may cause fatigue and resting in your hotel might prove a better use of your evening.

The Easiest (and Perhaps the Best) Option:

Want to see New York, Canada and Washington DC and the Smithsonian Museum with a Broadway play included! Reserve our NY + Canada Bethel Premium tour! A $60 dollar allotment towards the cost of your play is already included in the tour price and you can enjoy your play on Sunday, your first day in New York City!

*Some Possibilities for Play Time NYC: Empire State Building (tickets are not included), Macys, Bargain shopping, Little Korea, Drive by or tour UN. Times Square, Staten Island Ferry, South Street Sea Port, Drive by Ground Zero, Natural History Museum (donation), Central Park Zoo (entrance not included), Central Park, Broadway Matinee (tickets are not included), Rockefeller Center.

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