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What meals are Included in the Tours?

Breakfast is included on all trips to New York, Europe and International tours (where applicable). Also when on the Costa Rica tour and on Cruises; both are all inclusive. No meals (except breakfast) are included on the NY bethel and the NY & Canada Bethel trips. On the NY Bethel and NY & Canada Bethel trips as a general rule expect to pay about between $10 to $30.00 per person per day. $10 dollars if you snack often and eat frugal and $30 if you eat two to three full meals a day without expensive drinks. The Australian tour does NOT include meals but some of the hotels may or may not provide breakfast. All effort is made by BCT to provide hotels that include breakfast but except for Europe and NY and Canada we can not guarantee breakfast will be included.

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New York Bethel Basic with Bermuda and Caribbean Cruise (15 Days)
August 8-22, 2020

Sites to be seen: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Warwick, Patterson, Wallkill Farm, Bermuda, Caribbean and more...

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