When a Trip is marked as FULL, Closed, Almost Full or Call to Reserve!

So our online visitors can confidently shop for their trip of a life time BCT trips are marked and noted as to the current status of each trip.

All our trips are clearly marked as to their status 1) when viewing our trips Online (see example) 2) when selecting them during the reservation Process and 3) when sorting them on the Trip Sorter page.

Unless otherwise noted all our trips are ready for you to reserve. On each trips web page is a clearly marked purchase button that notes the status of that trip on the dates posted at that time. Here is what they mean:

Reserve Now - Open and ready for reservations

FULL - just that, the trip is full and no new reservations can be made

Closed - the trip may not be full but it's too late to or not possible to add anyone to the trip

Almost Full - the trip past twelve (12) or fewer seats remaining.

Call to Reserve or Call for Reservation - the trip has five (5) or fewer seats remaining and a BCT agent will need to take your reservation on that trip, at this point, to keep from overbooking that particular trip.

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