When Traveling Europe do I need a Converter or Adapter for my electrical Devices/Appliances?

A common question for those planning on Traveling around Europe! Do I need a Converter or Adapter for my electrical Devices (like cell phone or laptop) and small Appliances (like hair curler or dryer)? Here is how you decide:

Voltage converters are used with items that are only single voltage. So if your device or appliance is rated only at 120V then you'll need a voltage converter to use in Europe.

Adapter plugs change the plug type from one prong type to another prong type and doesn't convert voltage. It is used with a voltage converter or products that are dual voltage. Your cell phone charger should be dual voltage and it will state the input voltage rating: 100V-240V.

So examine the electrical items/devices you plan to take with you and see is they are dual voltage and if they are then all you need is an adapter.

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