There are 5 of us so how do we do rooming?

It's a fire code vendor rule in NY and Canada that only 4 are allowed rooming together.

Therefore you would need two rooms to accommodate the 5 people.  For example one room with with two and one with three. If it's a Husband and wife with three kids then it's best if one parent stays in each room. Of course that decision is yours to make as parents.

No guarantee but usually the hotel properties we use are very accommodating and BCT will  request that the two rooms are next to each other or at the least on the same floor. They usually are able to make that possible.

If you requested such a provision and then when you get to the hotel to check in you find the rooms aren't together please let our BCT provided meet and greet sister on the property know and she will do her best to help you stay as close together as possible.

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