On NY Trips Can I Arrive Early And/Or Stay Longer

Yes you can.

BCT can book an extra night hotel before or after any of our tours at the BCT provided hotel for you.  You can request BCT’s assistance for an extra night hotel (either before or after your tour) when you make your reservation online by writing your request to arrive early or stay longer in the “rooming arrangement box”. Please be specific!

WARNING: Be advised some of our trips that include NY arrive in Baltimore/DC area and some depart Buffalo.

If you would like to arrive early or stay longer in a Manhattan Hotel on trips that include NY please use this Expedia link.

If you requested to add an extra night hotel at the BCT provided hotel, after you make your reservation online, please contact BCT Office by phone at 575.434.3944 or by email at [email protected] to confirm your request.

If you requested to arrive early and/or stay late on a NY trip a BCT agent will add as a extra charge to your reservation of $140 per room / per night NOT Per-person.  For other hotels and prices on trips that do not start and end in NY please contact BCT Office using the phone number and email address listed above.

On some trips that include arriving and/or departing in New York BCT has added a arrive early or stay late option so that option  may be available for you to select during the reservation process but if not then you will simply need to request in writing that you want to arrive early or stay longer in the rooming arrangement box as instructed above

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