Newark Airport AirTrain FAQs

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Where can an AirTrain Newark ticket be purchased?

A: Customers may purchase a ticket from NJ TRANSIT

or Amtrak train stations, ticket offices or ticketing

machines and the AirTrain Newark fee will be included

—one ticket does it all. Tickets can also be purchased

separately at machines located at the Newark Liberty

International Airport Station and at the AirTrain entrances

in each airline terminal.

How is the ticket used?

A: The ticket is used twice. It will need to be shown to

the conductor on the NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak train, and will

be needed to pass through the fare gate at the Airport

Station. The customer should be sure to take the

ticket with them.

Are any discounts or reduced fees available for AirTrain?

A: Children under 11 ride free on NJ TRANSIT. It’s best to

contact PATH, NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak for more information

on discounted monthly tickets, 10-trip tickets and other

special fares. Clients who buy the ticket before boarding

the train will save.

How frequently does AirTrain arrive?

A: AirTrain Newark operates every day. Around the airport,

AirTrain arrives every three minutes from 5 a.m. to

midnight. Between midnight and 5 a.m. AirTrain arrives

about every 15 minutes, and passengers traveling from

the terminals to the Airport Station or rental cars/parking

lots P2 and P3 will be required to transfer trains. On

Sundays, trains arrive and depart about every 15 minutes

from midnight to 7 a.m.

Clients should be sure to visit the NJ TRANSIT and Amtrak

Web sites in order to check train schedules and availability

of overnight service, and to estimate travel time.

What can passengers bring on AirTrain?

A: Baggage, luggage carts including the airport’s Smarte

Cartes, baby strollers, service animals as well as pets in

secure carriers are permitted. Smarte Cartes are not

permitted on escalators.

Where are the car rentals?

A: Take AirTrain Newark free to airport car rentals located in

the P2 and P3 parking lots.

What about people with special needs?

A: AirTrain is ADA compliant. There are two wheelchair

locations on each vehicle. All AirTrain stations have

elevators. Destination announcements are made on board

the trains.

Can passengers catch AirTrain from every airline

passenger terminal?

A: Yes. Passengers may follow directional signs with the

AirTrain logo.

Can passengers be dropped off at Newark Liberty

International Airport Station?

A: This station can only be accessed by train. Take NJ TRANSIT

or Amtrak to get to the Airport Rail Station.

Can I use AirTrain to go from Newark Liberty to JFK?

A: Passengers can take AirTrain to the Airport Rail Station

and purchase a ticket for a NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak train

that serves Penn Station New York. At Penn Station, they

can purchase a ticket for the Long Island Rail Road and

disembark at Jamaica Station for AirTrain JFK service to

the airport. Customers should allow 90 minutes for the

trip. AirTrain JFK costs $5 to enter or exit the system.

How long does it take to travel from the airport?

From the Airline Terminal Area - Approximate Travel Times:


• Penn Station, Newark, NJ: 10 min.

• Penn Station, NYC: 30 min.

• Trenton, NJ: 75 min.


• Journal Square, NJ: 30 min.

• World Trade Center, NYC: 40 min.

• Hoboken, NJ: 55 min.

• 33 Street, NYC: 60 min.

Via Amtrak

• Philadelphia, PA: 70 min.

• Washington, DC: About 3 hrs.

• Boston, MA: About 5 hrs.

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