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Is there a dress Code?

The Society suggests a dress code be set up for the trip because everywhere we stop we give a witness. We want the trip to be comfortable and memorable for everyone so we have set forth guidelines that are reasonable and still allow room for personal preference. Please let your desire to bring honor to Jehovah’s name be reflected in how you dress. All clothing, casual or touring, must be clean, neat, and modest. Before packing, please read the June 2002 Our Kingdom Ministry Question Box on page 2, which considers "What standard of dress and grooming should we observe when visiting Bethel homes and branch facilities?". Of course, when we are visiting the Society’s facilities baptized brothers and sisters and their children should dress in meeting clothes. Suits and dresses and comfortable shoes.

Dress code for bus trips from NY to Canada? The following dress is appropriate when traveling on the bus en route to Canada and back to NY.

Loose fitting sweats are fine and well suited to traveling long distances and relaxing on the bus. If jeans are worn they should not have holes or worn-out spots in them. The crotch should not be down around the knees and look as is they are about to fall down around the ankles. Never go outside the bus barefooted. Shorts (not cutoffs), slightly above the knee and loose fitting, are acceptable, i.e., walking shorts. Hair styles (men and women) for baptized brothers and sisters should reflect the spiritual person and not worldly fads. We are not bashful and will ask you to change into something more appropriate if necessary. The friends are very conscientious about their appearance, so this is seldom necessary.More information and direction is posted in your online travel account after your make your reservation and confirm it with a payment.

More information and direction is posted in your online travel account after your make your reservation and confirm it with a payment.

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