I don’t have a roommate! Can BCT help me find a roommate?

Often we are successful in helping travelers with BCT find a roommate. Here is how that works and why.

You would need to go ahead and make your reservation at the one to a room price for the trip of your choice and pay your minimum deposit + Insurance if you want travel Insurance and we strongly recommend travel insurance in today's travel environment.

It's easy to get on the 'Looking for a Roommate' list: During the reservation process select that you are Indeed looking for roommate and how many others you would like and/or be willing to room with and you will automatically be added to our 'Find A Roommate' list.

When and if anyone is interested in possibly rooming with you, on our 'Find A Roommate' page, they would select your name from the list , fill out the form, and submit it.   When we receive the form a BCT agent will notify both you and the person on the list and arrange for two of you to get acquainted. If you would like to room together then the price on your reservation is adjusted from 1 to room to 2 to a room.

Often being on the 'Looking for a Roommate' list does help find a roommate but no guarantee so you would need to be ready to pay the one to a room price in case no roommate was found.

NOTE: BCT will only attempt to assist those who are confirmed as going. Meaning they’ve made a reservation and paid the minimum deposit. This protects the privacy of our travelers who are also looking to room with others and keeps our office staff from spending a lot of time hooking up roommates for those who are not really interested in or committed to going.

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