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How do I or Can I do a Cross Country Bus trip?

Over the years BCT has sponsored and/or promoted a lot of successful Cross Country Bus trips from many a state including several from California and florida. Most were from NM, TX and CO since those states are close to our home office in NM. However over the last few years the cost of fuel has shyrocketed and so has liabilty insurance and therefore so has charter bus services so BCT has done fewer and fewer of these type trips each year.

Having said all the above a Cross Country Bus trip (If filled to capacity or almost full) can still be the most economical (and some say most enjoyable) way to visit Bethel NY. Especially for families with children. Therefore BCT has developed a new system to help YOU organize and promote a Cross Country Bus from you area of the USA.

If you truly serious about wanting to help your Congregation and/or the friends in your area visit and tour NY Bethel and maybe include the Canada Bethel near Toronto pus maybe even a tour of Washington DC and Smithsonian or for that matter all the above then please click here for further details.

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