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How do I make a reservation online?

To make a reservation online, you must perform the follow steps in the reservation process item by item (selection by selection)

Step 1: Select Your Trip

Step 2: Choose the Price Based on (A) and (B)

(A) Guests Per Room

(B) Price Per Person

Step 3: Add Guests and appropriate Comments (like if you want to arrive early or stay longer)

Step 4: Review and delete a Guest you feel wasn’t entered correctly

Step 5: Select Who on the Reservation is the Account Lead

Select if there is a Trip Partner or Travel Agent (if any)

Step 6: Create Account Username / Password

Step 7: Select Payment Method

Step 8: Finish / Complete Reservation

Do not use your browsers ‘back’ button during the reservation process as this may result in lost information

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!