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When do I get ALL my trip documents?

As soon as you make your reservation and pay your minimum deposit of $250 you will have access to several default trip documents.

Approximately one (1) month from departure you should be able to view All your Travel Documents  as follows:

Land Package - Hotel arrival and Departure Documents

Full Package -  Hotel arrival and Departure Documents + Flight schedule and itinerary

Both Land and Full Package - A detailed day by day itinerary with hours and etc. Until your detailed day by day itinerary is posted you are welcome to view and use the general day by day itinerary posted on your trips web page.

Therefore you can expect that about one month before departure all you documents should be posted on your personal BCT Travel Desktop. So many things are subject to change in todays tavel environment it’s best to post flight and hotel and detailed itinerary info as close as possible to departure to lessen confusion and the possibility of changes.

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