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Cross Country Bus Cancellation Policy

The current policies involving canceling a Cross Country Bus trip that you were planning are as follows.

Important Question: "What if after giving you the deposit I am not able to get enough reservations to make the trip a go?"

Good question. See cancellation and refund policy below. There are no exceptions. Therefore please do not take on the responsibility of organizing a cross country bus trip, or send us the deposit, unless you are reasonably certain you can get enough to cover your cost of $48,000. That means you should set the p/p price of your trip to cover the possibility that you may not be able to fill the bus. Lots of people want to go and say they will go until it comes time to collect the money for them to go. We have found the rule of thumb to be - If 50 say yes they will go 30 will go so to get 50 then at least 70 need to commit.

  • Cancellation and refund policy is as follows:
  • If cancelled before 6 months from departure 7K is refundable
  • If cancelled after 6 months from departure 3.5K is refundable
  • If cancelled after 3 months from departure NO REFUNDS.

(see also how to do a cross country bus trip)

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