Can I make a deposit and/or payment online?

Yes! That is the preferred and most effective method.

You can 1) make the minimum deposit of $250 p/p or 2) the minimum deposit plus your travel insurance premium, or 3) pay in full.

The first time you reserve a tour online, you are given the choice to either pay in full or to make a down-payment of $250 per traveler or make a payment of $250 (your deposit) + insurance cost. If you do not make a payment at that time, you will need to do so by logging into your account later or by PayPal or phone (575-434-3944) or by email. Payments of any amount are accepted Monday - Friday 11AM - 4PM Mountain Standard Time when made by phone.

NOTE: Your reservation is not confirmed until the minimum payment is posted and you are not covered by travel insurance until sufficient funds have been provided to first, cover the minimum deposit, then to cover the insurnace cost.

PayPal payments should be made to

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