Can I change the name on a reservation?

Can I transfer my reservation to another person?

Can I transfer an existing reservation to another person?

Yes you can! However, such a change could incur a $50 fee or more and the name change can only be made by BCT Travel Specialist. This fee does not apply to pending reservations.

For changing someones name on an existing reservation, this $50 fee only applies to the name change on the reservation.

Please note, there will be additional fees when BCT has already purchased airfare for this person and/or confirmed their rooming arrangements with the BCT provided hotels. if BCT has purchased airfare, then our fee of $50 must be applied plus whatever fees the airlines request to make the name change - if in fact, a name change is at all possible. If BCT has confirmed rooming arrangements additional fees may also be assessed.

This fee is not incurred to change the misspelling of a name on an existing reservation, however similar fees may certainly apply if tickets have already been purchased under a name that has been given us incorrectly. Therefore, it's imperative that you review your information and ensure that all traveler information is correct and matches the documentation/identification that will be used at the airport.

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