Bus Seating Rules and Guidelines

Can I Reserve/Save Seats On the Bus? 

In short no…. seats each day are on a first come first serve basis. 

Can I sit in the very front row behind the bus door?

In short no… the most coveted sets on a bus are the two directly behind the door of the bus. However for safety consideration they are for the Tour Guides. The Tour Guides need to occupy those seats for the following primary reason: Safety! From those seats they can best assist, direct and cooperate with the bus drive. In case of emergency evacuation they can best guide and direct from those seats without distraction from ones in front of them. Plus the daily flow of traffic in and out of the bus is best facilitated from those seats.

Can the Tour Guide save me a seat?

In short no… The tour guides are also directed not to save seats for others since that can give the appearance of favoritism. Of course this should not and will not stop them from giving consideration to older ones and assisting them to enter and exit the bus safely and at a reasonable pace. 

What considerations are given to older ones?

It’s best older ones exit the bus after those more mobile are off the bus so that they can take their time getting off the bus. 

Also some older ones need seats closer to the bus toilet or closer to the front of the bus. In such cases the Tour Guide can assist as best they can without compromising safety and the groups ability to enjoy their trip to the fullest. Of course no one would consider this favoritism…

I have motion sickness and need to sit in the front of the bus! Can that be arranged?

In short no…. again the most coveted seat on the bus is often the very front row. To be able to sit as close to the front as possible you need to arrive early to enter the bus and choose your seat… it just shouldn’t be the one directly behind the door of the bus. Your Tour Guide can enter the bus with you and assist you to find a suitable seat. Many with motion sickness have found the second row suitable. 

Thank Your for Your Cooperation…


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