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Does BCT provide theocratic materials?

Bethel Coach Tours is a tour provider, specializing in tours that include visiting a Bethel home. We do not provide assembly programs, kingdom melodies or other bible-based materials as we are not in any way sponsored nor part of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. We’ve had to post such an FAQ because we’ve found […]

Where’s the mobile version of the BCT website?

You’ll be happy to know that there is no “alternate” version of our website; the website you visit on your desktop computer, laptop, tablet and smartphone are all the same website. We feel that it’s important that all of our site visitors have the same access to content no matter the screen size of the […]

What is my Personal Online BCT Travel Account and How Important is It?

Your personal online BCT Travel account is your lifeline (so to speak) between you, the BCT Traveler, and BCT and all our various office and agents and specialists. Here are just a few important travel documents posted on your personal travel account: your flight, hotel, itinerary, insurance, arrival & departure instructions, and passport information is […]

What is the difference between a NY & Canada Bethel Classic with Sunday in Manhattan and Sunday in DC

Well besides the obvious difference please be advised that the New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday in DC makes for a very long Sunday. Total drive time to and from DC is usually over six hours and sometimes eight hours according to traffic conditions. The New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday […]

How do I or can I compare trip prices?

BCT has a powerful ‘Find and Sort Trips‘ Page to help online visitors find and compare BCT trips. From that page you can find, sort, and compare all our BCT trips according to the information in the headers shown below.  Destination   Trip Name   Depart Date   Return Date   Price  Learn More Compare You can narrow your sort by […]

Which one is your cheapest trip?

Our very cheapest trip is a One Day NY Excursion to Brooklyn and if you have 13 people with you, it would be as low as $40 p/p. However this is merely an excursion; a short outing, and not really a trip at all. Therefore, to help our online visitors, BCT has a ‘Find & Sort […]

What is the goal of BCT?

The goal of Bethel Coach Tours and the brothers and sisters who work therein, is to offer trips to Bethel branches worldwide that are spiritually encouraging, safe, fun & affordable and to make reserving and taking such a trip as easy and worry-free as possible.

Can I send you photos from my tour?

Absolutely! We love to share photos from our fellow Brothers and Sisters who have taken a tour with us. Please click here to do so. You are also welcome to make comments and post pictures using the various BCT Social Media outlets. You can do so directly from our home page or from our newsletters. Optionally, please […]

How far in advance are trips scheduled?

Sometimes we have tentative dates for scheduled trips over a year in advance. You can sort those trips by date here. If the tour you would like to take has not yet been posted online and this information is useful to you in planning a tour farther down the road, please contact us and we will be happy […]

I have lost my username and/or password

Don’t be worried! You, as the lead contact person, can retrieve your username and password yourself. Recover User Name / Password If you are not the lead person on the reservation and you cannot contact or have lost contact with the lead person on your reservation, then you are welcome to contact BCT as follows: By […]

How do I access my personal online account

At the time of your booking a tour through the BCT website, you will have been asked to provide a username and password. This information will have been automatically emailed to you at the time you created the reservation. Visit: Travelers and enter in your personal username and password. If for some reason you never received this […]

Why do I need a personal account?

Creating an account with the BCT website allows you to create and access your tour, personal information and documents provided to you by Bethel Coach Tours. Bethel Coach Tours understands that there are those who consider themselves to be less-than-technologically-inclined, but if you’re reading this, you’re already doing well! Don’t let words like “login” or […]

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