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Do luggage fees apply to my itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise? If so, are these fees included in my package price?

In most cases, on most forms of transportation, to most destinations, checked luggage fees apply.  Prices vary by carrier, transportation type and destination.  Once you receive your itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise, you can contact them directly to see if fees applies.  Unfortunately we are unable to include these fees into our package […]

Who Can Reserve a BCT Trip Scheduled Inconjunction with a International or Special Convention

While BCT does NOT make any arrangements for tours or events in the host city, in harmony with the instructions from the USA branch below, BCT is happy to offer trips in conjunction with international and Special conventions! INSTRUCTIONS FOR APPLYING TO ATTEND SPECIAL AND INTERNATIONAL CONVENTIONS Use Of A Travel Agency For Auxiliary Tours: The […]

What’s the REAL ID Act – Is My ID Approved for Travel?

The REAL ID Act establishes minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the Act are: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft. […]

Why Was 2017 October Trips that Include NY Rescheduled

Soon after the Society started accepting Bethel Tour reservations online it came to our attention that NY Bethel will not be accepting reservations (individuals or groups) for tours the first two weeks of Oct 2017 due to special arrangements they are making for the Oct 6 2017 annual meeting and dedications programs for Warwick and Wallkill. BCT […]

Can I Plan My Own Trip?

If an excursion request coincides with dates that BCT already has a scheduled tour group for, we will not be able to assist due to lack of transportation means, tour guide availability, etc. Excursions can only be scheduled on dates that in no way conflict with a scheduled tour.

What is a Land Package? What does Land Package mean?

With ‘Land Package’ You will need to get to the BCT provided hotel on your own. Land Package prices signify that BCT will NOT provide your transportation EXCEPT during the tour. You will be required to arrange your own transportation (be that airfare or train or car) at the beginning and after the tour. If […]

When do I get ALL my trip documents?

As soon as you make your reservation and pay your minimum deposit of $250 you will have access to several default trip documents. Approximately one (1) month from departure you should be able to view All your Travel Documents  as follows: Land Package – Hotel arrival and Departure Documents Full Package –  Hotel arrival and Departure Documents […]

Making Late or Last Minute Changes On A Reservation

Changes made under 90 days before the departure date of the trip could incur significant penalties and fees. Last minute changes on a reservation are very difficult at best. Especially if it concerns roaming, airfare, name changes, upgrades, cancellations, trip changes, and etc. If the airfare has been purchased (even if it has not been […]

How Can I Make A Change On My Reservation?

Once a reservation has been made only a BCT agent can make changes to an existing reservation. Therefore to make changes to a existing reservation you would need to call the office at 575-434-3944 between during office hours 11 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday.

How Do I Log In to my Account?

Actually, there a couple of different ways to do so: 1). Hover/tap on the link at the top of our website in the main navigation. This will reveal a login form. If you are a Travel Agent or a Trip Partner, click the corresponding link above the login form to change the form to the […]

What is considered a major airport?

A major domestic airport, within the United States, in most cases, is an airport that offers non-stop flights to New York.  However, the flight you’re confirmed on, may not be non-stop.  As for an international major airport, it would be an airport with non-stop flights to the United States.  However, as with flights within the […]

When is Airfare Included? When is Airport / Hotel Shuttle Service Included?

The following categories are explained below. 1) When you purchase a Full Package 2) When you Purchase a Land Package 3) If you are attending a Convention and you purchase a Full Package 4) If you are attending a Convention and you purchase a Land Package 1) When you purchase a Full Package: Airfare from Major […]

What is my Personal Online BCT Travel Account and How Important is It?

Your personal online BCT Travel account is your lifeline (so to speak) between you, the BCT Traveler, and BCT and all our various office and agents and specialists. Here are just a few important travel documents posted on your personal travel account: your flight, hotel, itinerary, insurance, arrival & departure instructions, and passport information is […]

What is the difference between a NY & Canada Bethel Classic with Sunday in Manhattan and Sunday in DC

Well besides the obvious difference please be advised that the New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday in DC makes for a very long Sunday. Total drive time to and from DC is usually over six hours and sometimes eight hours according to traffic conditions. The New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday […]

Why is it important that I give my name as it appears on my passport, passport card or identification Card?

It is important that you give your name as it appears on your passport, passport card or identification Card because to increased travel security around the world, it is now more important than ever that your airline ticket, or train ticket, match your first and last name exactly as it reads in your passport or other […]

Can I make payments on my trip?

Yes you can but please be aware that your reservation is not confirmed until the minimum per person deposit has been met. To make partial payments you would need to do so through PayPal or call the BCT Office during business hours of 11 am to 4 pm MST at 575-434-3944 For details see the […]

There are 5 of us so how do we do rooming?

It’s a fire code vendor rule in NY and Canada that only 4 are allowed rooming together. Therefore you would need two rooms to accommodate the 5 people.  For example one room with with two and one with three. If it’s a Husband and wife with three kids then it’s best if one parent stays […]

How do I make a reservation online?

To make a reservation online, you must perform the follow steps in the reservation process item by item (selection by selection) Step 1: Select Your Trip Step 2: Choose the Price Based on (A) and (B) (A) Guests Per Room (B) Price Per Person Step 3: Add Guests and appropriate Comments (like if you want to […]

How can I avoid high cancellation fees?

To avoid high cancellation fees we recommend you purchase travel insurance through an agent of your choice or Bethel Coach Tours can process your application with a reputable travel insurance agency. Our online reservation process includes the option to add insurance to your tour. Deposit and Cancellation Policy: $250 deposit required at time of reservation […]

Why should I purchase/buy travel insurance?

We recommend travel insurance to everyone. Actually there is no refund of any payments except those covered by insurance. You can select to purchase insurance during the reservation process. Price of policy is based on age of traveler and price range of trip. Read on if you think your Credit Card Insurance is sufficient: So-Called […]

How far in advance are trips scheduled?

Sometimes we have tentative dates for scheduled trips over a year in advance. You can sort those trips by date here. If the tour you would like to take has not yet been posted online and this information is useful to you in planning a tour farther down the road, please contact us and we will be happy […]

Who can go on BCT trips?

Our tours are designed for Jehovah’s Witnesses, their family and friends. Those that are not Jehovah’s Witnesses are welcome to join the tours provided their conduct and dress is not offensive and does not cause problems among the travelers.

I have lost my username and/or password

Don’t be worried! You, as the lead contact person, can retrieve your username and password yourself. Recover User Name / Password If you are not the lead person on the reservation and you cannot contact or have lost contact with the lead person on your reservation, then you are welcome to contact BCT as follows: By […]

How do I access my personal online account

At the time of your booking a tour through the BCT website, you will have been asked to provide a username and password. This information will have been automatically emailed to you at the time you created the reservation. Visit: Travelers and enter in your personal username and password. If for some reason you never received this […]

Why do I need a personal account?

Creating an account with the BCT website allows you to create and access your tour, personal information and documents provided to you by Bethel Coach Tours. Bethel Coach Tours understands that there are those who consider themselves to be less-than-technologically-inclined, but if you’re reading this, you’re already doing well! Don’t let words like “login” or […]

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