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Do luggage fees apply to my itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise? If so, are these fees included in my package price?

In most cases, on most forms of transportation, to most destinations, checked luggage fees apply.  Prices vary by carrier, transportation type and destination.  Once you receive your itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise, you can contact them directly to see if fees applies.  Unfortunately we are unable to include these fees into our package […]

What is a Land Package? What does Land Package mean?

With ‘Land Package’ You will need to get to the BCT provided hotel on your own. Land Package prices signify that BCT will NOT provide your transportation EXCEPT during the tour. You will be required to arrange your own transportation (be that airfare or train or car) at the beginning and after the tour. If […]

Is a Broadway play included?

You can enjoy a Broadway play on any of our trips that include New York but the only trip that includes a Broadway play in its price is the New York in Canada Bethel premium. This tour(s) includes a Sunday Matinee Broadway play. Most Sunday Matinee plays are no more than $60, therefore BCT includes the […]

Making Late or Last Minute Changes On A Reservation

Changes made under 90 days before the departure date of the trip could incur significant penalties and fees. Last minute changes on a reservation are very difficult at best. Especially if it concerns roaming, airfare, name changes, upgrades, cancellations, trip changes, and etc. If the airfare has been purchased (even if it has not been […]

Are my meals included?

Are my meals included? For your tours in New York, Canada and/or Washington D.C., breakfast is included each morning. Meal arrangements may be made with your Bethel friends, at each facility, except for in Canada. While on the cruise, all meals are included, included intermediate brunches, etc. However, some cruise lines/ships have premium restaurants which […]

What is considered a major airport?

A major domestic airport, within the United States, in most cases, is an airport that offers non-stop flights to New York.  However, the flight you’re confirmed on, may not be non-stop.  As for an international major airport, it would be an airport with non-stop flights to the United States.  However, as with flights within the […]

When is Airfare Included? When is Airport / Hotel Shuttle Service Included?

The following categories are explained below. 1) When you purchase a Full Package 2) When you Purchase a Land Package 3) If you are attending a Convention and you purchase a Full Package 4) If you are attending a Convention and you purchase a Land Package 1) When you purchase a Full Package: Airfare from Major […]

How do I or can I compare trip prices?

BCT has a powerful ‘Find and Sort Trips‘ Page to help online visitors find and compare BCT trips. From that page you can find, sort, and compare all our BCT trips according to the information in the headers shown below.  Destination   Trip Name   Depart Date   Return Date   Price  Learn More Compare You can narrow your sort by […]

Which one is your cheapest trip?

Our very cheapest trip is a One Day NY Excursion to Brooklyn and if you have 13 people with you, it would be as low as $40 p/p. However this is merely an excursion; a short outing, and not really a trip at all. Therefore, to help our online visitors, BCT has a ‘Find & Sort […]

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