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Do luggage fees apply to my itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise? If so, are these fees included in my package price?

In most cases, on most forms of transportation, to most destinations, checked luggage fees apply.  Prices vary by carrier, transportation type and destination.  Once you receive your itinerary, whether by air, train or otherwise, you can contact them directly to see if fees applies.  Unfortunately we are unable to include these fees into our package […]

What’s the REAL ID Act – Is My ID Approved for Travel?

The REAL ID Act establishes minimum security standards for license issuance and production and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for certain purposes driver’s licenses and identification cards from states not meeting the Act’s minimum standards. The purposes covered by the Act are: accessing Federal facilities, entering nuclear power plants, and, boarding federally regulated commercial aircraft. […]

Bus Seating Rules and Guidelines

Can I Reserve/Save Seats On the Bus?  In short no…. seats each day are on a first come first serve basis.  Can I sit in the very front row behind the bus door? In short no… the most coveted sets on a bus are the two directly behind the door of the bus. However for […]

Is a Broadway play included?

You can enjoy a Broadway play on any of our trips that include New York but the only trip that includes a Broadway play in its price is the New York in Canada Bethel premium. This tour(s) includes a Sunday Matinee Broadway play. Most Sunday Matinee plays are no more than $60, therefore BCT includes the […]

What Hotels are Used for a Bethel Premium

Currently BCT offers two (2) Bethel premium trips. NY Canada Bethel Premium with DC Smithsonian (11 Day Tour) This trip starts in New York and ends in DC. The hotel for the New York portion of the trip we’ll be near the Newark international Airport. For the Canada portion of the trip the hotel is […]

What If There Is A problem With My room

When you check into your BCT provided hotel room and you notice a problem (something is broke or doesn’t work properly or the room is not clean) please notify your BCT provided Tour guide right away and he/she will do their best to rectify the problem.  Please be patient with the hotel and tour guide […]

Can We Get Joining Rooms

You can request joining rooms for the entire length of your trip. You should make that request using the rooming comments box during the reservation process or you can call an agent and they can add that request for you. Most usually our hotel vendors (in NY, DC, and Canada) are very good about honoring […]

Newark Airport AirTrain FAQs

Where can an AirTrain Newark ticket be purchased? A: Customers may purchase a ticket from NJ TRANSIT or Amtrak train stations, ticket offices or ticketing machines and the AirTrain Newark fee will be included —one ticket does it all. Tickets can also be purchased separately at machines located at the Newark Liberty International Airport Station […]

Do We Attend Any Congregation Meetings While on Tour?

Certainly attending a congregation meeting on all of our tours would be fantastic, but it’s difficult to arrange and is not always possible – especially when the tour group is large (as is often the case). That being said, there are trips where attending a congregation meeting is included! Please check the ‘notes’ section of […]

Are cruise combos guided?

Are both the tour and cruise combos guided? Your land portion, while in New York, Canada and/or Washington D.C. is guided, just as with any of our tours. However the cruise portion is non-guided.

What Hotels do you use?

Generally speaking and for various reasons, BCT does not post hotel information online. However, if you have a confirmed reservation with BCT, your hotel information will be posted on your travelers desktop about one month from departure. Generally speaking your BCT provided hotel will be near Newark International Airport. Unless your trip is a NY […]

What is my Personal Online BCT Travel Account and How Important is It?

Your personal online BCT Travel account is your lifeline (so to speak) between you, the BCT Traveler, and BCT and all our various office and agents and specialists. Here are just a few important travel documents posted on your personal travel account: your flight, hotel, itinerary, insurance, arrival & departure instructions, and passport information is […]

What is the difference between a NY & Canada Bethel Classic with Sunday in Manhattan and Sunday in DC

Well besides the obvious difference please be advised that the New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday in DC makes for a very long Sunday. Total drive time to and from DC is usually over six hours and sometimes eight hours according to traffic conditions. The New York and Canada Bethel classic with Sunday […]

Do you use a bus for all of your tours?

No. Some of our smaller tours will be using the 15 passenger BCT van that is stationed in New York. On trips that include Canada we will not book more than 10 passengers in the 15 passenger van. On Smaller international trips you may also be use a van versus a bus as transportation. Some […]

How much play time do we have at Niagara Falls?

You will get back from the Canada Branch sometime between 1:30 and 2:30 pm depending on the traffic and soon after your change into comfortable modest clothes you can enjoy Niagara Falls and it’s many sites and museums and restaurants until late evening. You BCT tour guide will give reasonable guidelines as when best to […]

How long is the bus ride from Niagara Falls back to NY?

Generally speaking it’s a late afternoon or early evening arrival back into NY from Niagara Falls. Depending on traffic, departure time from Niagara Falls, number of potty breaks, length of stop(s) to eat, timeliness of group, and ease/difficulty of entry into USA from Canada (border-crossing) anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.

How long is the bus ride to Niagara Falls Canada from Watchtower Farm Printery (Wallkill)?

How long is the bus ride to Niagara Falls Canada from Watchtower Farm Printery (Wallkill)? Generally speaking it’s a late arrival into Niagara Falls. Depending on traffic, departure time from WT Farm, number of potty breaks, length of stop(s) to eat, timeliness of group, and ease/difficulty of entry in Canada (border-crossing) anywhere from 7 to […]

Is the Bible Lands Tour Safe?

That has been asked often and Here are the most recent comments from our Bible Lands Tours Tour designers and Tour Guides (Bro Tim Martin from Brooklyn Bethel and Bro Derek House of ‘Bethel Tours London’! Brother Concerned, I received a copy of your note dated August 27 from Bethel Coach Tours regarding your concerns […]

Can I eat with the Bethel Family? How & When?

Absolutely! You will need to make arrangements with them in advance and then inform your tour guide of such plans. It is imperative however, to keep your Tour Guide well informed. If you are planning to eat with a member of the Bethel family DO NOT confirm arrangements until your day by day itinerary has […]

What About Tipping?

Should I tip the bus driver & tour guide? Yes! It gives a good witness to our bus drivers (who are usually NOT one of Jehovah’s Witnesses), when he or she receives a tip for their hard work. Your tour guide will also gladly accept tips. Should I leave a tip in my room? Yes. […]

Why should I purchase/buy travel insurance?

We recommend travel insurance to everyone. Actually there is no refund of any payments except those covered by insurance. You can select to purchase insurance during the reservation process. Price of policy is based on age of traveler and price range of trip. Read on if you think your Credit Card Insurance is sufficient: So-Called […]

Will a wheelchair fit in the luggage compartment under the bus?

Yes. A wheelchair (or collapsible electric scooters) that fold up fit under the bus with no problem. Plus, all of the Society’s facilities have wheel chairs available for those that need them. Those who need to use a wheelchair or collapsable electric scooter are certainly welcome on our tours. However they need to have enough […]

Respect and show appreciation for your BCT provided tour guide

All of our tour guides are Jehovah’s Witnesses, both Brothers and Sisters. Should your tour be guided by a Sister, please take the lead in cooperating with her direction and be respectful and obedient to what is needed on your part. The same would obviously be true if your tour guide is a Brother. Your […]

Can we change clothes after the tours?

Yes you can, but since we don’t return to the hotel until later in the evening, you should bring a change of clothes with you each day if you want to change from meeting clothes to more comfortable attire. Your dress up clothes you can leave on the bus as your tour NYC in the […]

Is there a dress Code?

The Society suggests a dress code be set up for the trip because everywhere we stop we give a witness. We want the trip to be comfortable and memorable for everyone so we have set forth guidelines that are reasonable and still allow room for personal preference. Please let your desire to bring honor to […]

Are the trips properly supervised and are they safe?

Yes they are! Spiritual things come first, and Christian conduct is expected from all. We start each morning with a prayer and daily text, and we keep the rest of the day on a spiritually up-building level. We advise everyone to stay in groups of three or more for safety sake, and parents and/or guardians are […]

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