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Questions and answers related to transportation via bus or van while traveling with BCT.

Do you use a bus for all of your tours?

No. Some of our smaller tours will be using the 15 passenger BCT van that is stationed in New York. On trips that include Canada we will not book more than 10 passengers in the 15 passenger van. On Smaller international trips you may also be use a van versus a bus as transportation. Some […]

How long is the bus ride from Niagara Falls back to NY?

Generally speaking it’s a late afternoon or early evening arrival back into NY from Niagara Falls. Depending on traffic, departure time from Niagara Falls, number of potty breaks, length of stop(s) to eat, timeliness of group, and ease/difficulty of entry into USA from Canada (border-crossing) anywhere from 8 to 10 hours.

Will a wheelchair fit in the luggage compartment under the bus?

Yes. A wheelchair (or collapsible electric scooters) that fold up fit under the bus with no problem. Plus, all of the Society’s facilities have wheel chairs available for those that need them. Those who need to use a wheelchair or collapsable electric scooter are certainly welcome on our tours. However they need to have enough […]

Can we change clothes after the tours?

Yes you can, but since we don’t return to the hotel until later in the evening, you should bring a change of clothes with you each day if you want to change from meeting clothes to more comfortable attire. Your dress up clothes you can leave on the bus as your tour NYC in the […]

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