Last Chance at the Stanley

An Article By BCT — Posted 1 year ago

That’s Right. The society has stopped giving guided tours of the Stanley theater in New Jersey as of January 2010. But thankfully, there is still one last chance to see this beautiful assembly hall on a very special Bethel Coach Tour! All those taking our March 27th – April 3rd tours to visit the Bethel facilities in New York will not only have a chance to visit the Stanley but also will get to attend the Memorial there as well! Sign up today by phone or online so you can have a part in this very special trip!

FOR ALL FUTURE TOURS: If you’re not able to make it on this tour, you will miss having the last tour of the Stanley Theater (it can no longer be offered on our tours), but you will be able to see something spectacular in it’s place! We will now be having a very special tour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! This carefully planned bible tour started about three years ago and is organized by a Oasis Group Travel and reflects a deep appreciation for Bible truths and history. The tour takes about three hours (there is a half-an-hour break about half way through the tour), and is entitled: “The Woman and the Seed.”

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