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Ecuador: Cuenca-English Convention-Ecuador Branch-Whale Watching | 14 Days
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Suggested Itinerary

<strong>Day 1</strong> - Arrive Guayaquil<br class="" /><strong>Day 2</strong> - Travel scenic route Guayaquil to Cuenca. Banana Plantations to the highlands of the Andies<br class="" /><strong>Day 3</strong> - Panama Hat factories, Markets, Vistas, Culinary Delights and Shopping Delux in and around the Main Plaza.<br class="" /><strong>Day 4</strong> - World Class Spa retreat. Volcanic mud baths, steam baths, hot pools, wine, food, rest and relaxation. <br class="" /><strong>Day 5</strong> - Travel scenic route rom Highlands of the Andes (Cuenca) through Banana Plantations to the Metroplex of Guayaquil<br class="" /><strong>Day 6</strong> - English Regional Convention<br class="" /><strong>Day 7</strong> - English Regional Convention<br class="" /><strong>Day 8</strong> - English Regional Convention<br class="" /><strong>Day 9</strong> - Guayaquil Ecuador Branch Tour<br class="" /><strong>Day 10</strong> - Travel through Provincia de Santa Elena to Coast. Explore the playas and beach area Montanitas, Olon and Manglaralto. Shop and Play Montanitas<br class="" /><strong>Day 11</strong> - Explore and enjoy the beautiful Montanita Beach. Surf and/or take Surfing lessons. Shop among all the talented street vendors. Savor the many flavors of all the tropical fruit stands.<br class="" /><strong>Day 12</strong> - Check out Puerto Lopez. Enjoy what many believe to be the best Whale Watching along the Americas Pacific coast<br class="" /><strong>Day 13</strong> - Travel Montanitas to Salinas. Stroll on the beach and/or the Boardwalk. After lunch in Salinas travel back to Guayaquil.<br class="" /><strong>Day 14</strong> - Depart Guayaquil

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<li>Whale Watching</li>

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<li>Extra activities and excursions</li>

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