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Japan Tour: Tokyo, Hakone-Mt. Fuji, & Tokyo Disney | 10 Day Tour
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The Overview

The Japan Bethel home prints 15 million Bibles, books and brochures and over 100 million magazines each year and ships 5,700 tons of literature and magazines annually in 150 languages!
The Japan Bethel home prints 15 million Bibles, books and brochures and over 100 million magazines each year and ships 5,700 tons of literature and magazines annually in 150 languages!
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Suggested Itinerary

<strong>Day 1 (Wednesday):</strong> Welcome to Tokyo! – Meet & Greet at hotel.

<strong>Day 2 (Thursday):</strong> Step back in time for an interactive and fun experience at the Metropolitan Edo-Tokyo Museum – Learn the history and culture by going through reconstruction models of the Nihonbashi Bridge, Edo Castle, and Ginza Brick town. Go through theaters and a geisha house settlement then pose on a drama bicycle and in a Rikisha (Rickshaw). See the fascinating development of the Industrial Revolution and Tokyo. Have lunch at a café or restaurant at or around the museum.

The theme continues as you enjoy a boat ride to famous Asakusa and Nakamise Street with views of Tokyo Sky Tree. With history going back to the latter half of the 17th century, it’s lined with rows of close to ninety shops selling uniquely Japanese souvenirs such as fans and kimonos waiting to be tried on as well as traditional street foods for dinner.

<strong>Day 3 (Friday):</strong> Embark on a pleasant road trip to visit the Japan Branch Office – At one of the largest Branches of Jehovah’s Witnesses you will see how Ebina Bethel supports the global preaching activity and experience the unity of our worldwide brotherhood. Enjoy the exhibit, Progress of Kingdom Work in Japan.

After the tour the group will enjoy lunch together at Expasa Center with almost thirty local eateries most offering samples to taste a variety of what Kanagawa prefecture has to offer along with their sweet delicacies to enjoy on the spot or take as omiyage (souvenirs). Don’t be fooled at this Japanese rest stop. Many motorists traveling the road spend hours at these classy establishments wishing it was their final destination!

<strong>Day 4 (Saturday):</strong> Tokyo Sightseeing – In the morning you’ll take the subway to a Tokyo Metropolitan Park for a secret traditional Japanese cultural experience. Then satisfy your appetite at Tokyo Station for lunch.

Next stop is Imperial Palace. Surrounded by a moat and an abundant variety of trees, it is like a world apart situated right in the middle of Tokyo. Then head to Ginza! Likened to New York City’s 5th Ave, this shopping district’s popular shops and luxury boutiques appear one after another. With the street blocked off for the weekend crowd and surrounded by symbolic architecture, any intersection is the perfect place to start a Ginza walk. A must see is the only Kabuki theater in the world, Kabukiza Theatre.

<strong>Day 5 (Sunday):</strong> FREE DAY – This is an opportunity to visit a local Kingdom Hall and attend a local congregation meeting in Japanese, English, or Spanish.

You might be entertained by exploring your local neighborhood surrounding your temporary residence!

Optional: Unwind at a traditional hot spring (onsen). Book a sunset cruise with Asian style buffet or Italian course meal on Tokyo Bay (weather permitting). Your tour guide will offer additional options.

<strong>Day 6 (Monday):</strong> Time to rough it – Well not totally. This day journey begins on an express train to Hakone, yes Mt. Fuji! By this time you may have already seen the silhouette of “Fuji san” from a distance many miles away from Tokyo but what a sight to see up close. Especially spectacular are the views from the tramway and while sailing on Lake Ashinoko via a boat you will board modeled after a medieval ship. It will be an adventure!

<strong>Day 7 (Tuesday):</strong> Shibuya-Harajuku – The group will start the day in Japan’s Fashion District. Walk the world’s most exciting intersection, a famous scramble walkway where Hachi, the life size statue of the infamous loyal Akita dog, stands near by awaiting a greeting. Eat lunch around Omotesando area, one of the foremost architectural streets in the world!

Off to Shinjuku – Japan’s greatest Entertainment District will keep you occupied with huge electronic stores and popular department store basement food floors. Then up to one of Tokyo’s landmarks, Tokyo Metropolitan Office Tower, for a panoramic night view of Tokyo from the observatory.

<strong>Day 8 (Wednesday):</strong> After an early bus transfer and hotel check-in Tokyo DisneyLand awaits you- Enjoy all the classic Disney attractions but with hi-tech updates, unique theming, and quality unmatched when compared to the US versions. You simply can’t miss the Electrical Parade Dreamlights one of the crown jewels of the park.

No matter if you are in the mood for Polynesian food or Western cuisine most restaurants have special dietary menus available. Of course, you will find an array of refreshments, from sweet honey to savory Japanese curry or soy-sauce & butter popcorn. All your favorite snacks are enhanced when they take on the shape of a character.

<strong>Day 9 (Thursday):</strong> Tokyo DisneySea – Celebrating its 15 year anniversary, explore one of the most unusual and magnificent Disney Parks ever built! The only DisneySea in the world features a stunning Mediterranean Harbor one of six creative themes with dozens of one-of-a-kind attractions and the best animatronics you’ll find at a Disney Park. If thrill rides aren’t your thing enjoy a show or take a relaxing ride in a Gondola!

An abundance of food awaits your selection including Japanese, Chinese, Italian, even Arabian with menus changing seasonally. You may be in the mood to taste the well known Gyoza bun (dumpling dog). Don’t fill-up until you’ve tried a café au lait, sesame, or potato churro, just a few of fourteen different flavors and they’re all so delicious!

<strong>Day 10 (Friday):</strong> Depart Tokyo

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<li>All admission to museum and activities mentioned on itinerary</li>

<li>All transportation for touring and sightseeing mentioned on itinerary*</li>

<li>Two-day pass & transportation to Tokyo Disney</li>

<li>*Your guides will provide you a subway train card with fare for the week’s activities. </li>



<strong>What's Not Included</strong>

<li>Snacks, lunch, or dinner meals</li>

<li>Optional additions listed on Itinerary</li>

<li>Transportation between Tokyo airports & Tokyo hotel.</li>


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