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Ecuador – Guayaquil-Cuenca-Hot Springs-Quito-Middle of the World- Cotacachi-Otavalo (Non-Delegate Variation) | 9 Day Tour
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  • June 17-25, 2019
    In conjunction with the June 14-16 Guayaquil, Ecuador International Convention.

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The Overview

<h4>Ecuador – Guayaquil-Cuenca-Hot Springs-Quito-Middle of the World- Cotacachi-Otavalo (Non-Delegate Variation)</h4> <strong>Guayaquil  </strong> Guayaquil is a port city in Ecuador, known as a gateway to Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. St
<h4>Ecuador – Guayaquil-Cuenca-Hot Springs-Quito-Middle of the World- Cotacachi-Otavalo (Non-Delegate Variation)</h4>

<strong>Guayaquil  </strong>

Guayaquil is a port city in Ecuador, known as a gateway to Pacific beaches and the Galapagos Islands. Stretching along the Guayas River is the waterfront Simón Bolívar promenade. At the north end of the promenade is Las Peñas, a neighborhood full of colorful houses. Stairs lined with cafes and art galleries lead up Santa Ana Hill, site of Santa Ana chapel, a lighthouse and views of the city.

The BCT provided hotel as you attend the Ecuador English Regional Convention will be located near the promenade and Iguana Park. Full of great restaurants and unique shopping.

<strong>Quito - Middle of the World</strong>

Quito is elevated at 9190 ft *1.74miles) above sea level, which makes it the highest official capital city in the World. Quito’s historic centre, was one of the first World Cultural Heritage Sites and is one of the largest, least-altered and best-preserved in the Americas.

There are two equator lines in Ecuador, the official line (the Mitad del Mundo Monument) and the original line (the Museo Inti Ñan), both only 260 yards (approx 2.5 football fields) apart. The museum tour is absolutely fantastic.

<strong>Cuenca & Cuenca Banos  </strong>

The city of Cuenca is the capital of the Azuay Province and is located in the highlands of Ecuador at about 2,500 metres (8,200 feet) above sea level. It is widely regarded as the most European city in the country of Ecuador due to its highly 16th and 17th century era Spanish colonial architecture resembling cities and architecture throughout Spain. The centre of the city is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Cuenca is well known for its stunning architecture, tourist attractions, restaurant and Panama Hat factories and museums.

If you ever dreamed of spending every day at the spa, <strong>Baños de Cuenca</strong> has got you covered….literally in mud! Enjoy the famous Piedra de Agua – an oasis of red rocks, mud baths, steam rooms and boxes, contrast pools, lounge chairs and a wine bar and restaurant.

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Suggested Itinerary

<strong>Day 1 - Monday June 17, 2019</strong>

Arrive GYE shuttle to BCT provided Hotel

<strong>Day 2 - Tuesday June 18, 2019</strong>

Tour Ecuador Branch Guayaquil.  Enjoy Leisure evening in Guayaquil/Boardwalk

<strong>Day 3 - Wednesday June 19, 2019</strong>

Travel scenic route from Guayaquil through Banana Plantations to the Highlands of the Andes.  Enjoy Cuenca.

<strong>Day 4 - Thursday June 20, 2019</strong>

Explore Cuenca. Panama Hat factories, Markets, Vistas, Culinary Delights and Shopping Deluxe in and around the Main Plaza.
Day 5 Friday June 21, 2018
World Class Spa retreat Banos Cuenca. Volcanic mud baths, steam baths, hot pools, wine, food, rest and relaxation (Spa Services, Food, Drinks Not-Included).

<strong>Day 6 - Saturday June 22, 2019</strong>

Fly from Cuenca to Quito (Included). Evening and dinner (Not-Included) at La Ronda (old downtown Quito).

<strong>Day 7 - Sunday June 23, 2019

From Quito travel to Cotacachi (known for it's leather good and crafts) & Otavalo (best known for its vibrant Inca market) with vistas aplenty along the way.

Day 8 - Monday June 24, 2019</strong>

Visit and tour both the Historical and the literal Middle of the World sites (Entrance Fees Included). Explore Centro Historico. Top off the day at Pims Restaurant with superb food (Not-Included) and magnificent views.

<strong>Day 9 - Tuesday June 25, 2019</strong>

Depart Quito.

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