China. The name alone makes you want to get packing. It’s going places, so jump aboard, go along for the ride and see where it’s headed.

Destinations: China

Here are a few reasons why signing up for a J4U trip would be a good option for you and how to do so:

  • Benefits of a BCT tour guide
  • The itinerary is proven to be the best for the time allowed
  • The location of all Bethel Branches are known
  • No driving necessary for any paying guest; ALL can enjoy the trip
  • Less hassle finding the right hotel that fits the route and is in a good location
  • Less hassle checking into a BCT provided hotel
  • You can have others join your tour (option)
  • Less pre-trip waste of travelers time, money, and energy designing and organizing the itinerary, rooming, and transportation
  • BCT Reservations system benefits: Paying and keeping up-to-date and with trip documents and requirements
  • Can avoid the dangers of jet lag for driver/leader of group

Would you like to schedule a Domestic or international J4U tour?

FIRST to make sure you’re getting the best trip possible at the best possible price, you’re welcome to sort through our regular scheduled trips by date, price, length of trip and destination here. It’s likely that BCT does have trips already scheduled similar to the one you expressed interest in.

Because the dates have not been pre-set and the size of the group varies, J4U Trips tend to be priced higher than regularly scheduled trips.

Here’s some things you should be aware of up front:

  • You’ll need a minimum as noted of confirmed travelers initially for BCT to sponsor, support and post online the trip for the dates requested
  • You can become a Trip Partner and can earn applicable Trip Partner discounts!
  • Must request trip and dates at least 3 months in advance so BCT can arrange tour guide & check airfare (accepting allowed)
  • Dates requested will be verified or rejected within 1 week after submitting your trip application
  • You can choose to open the trip to others (open trips are posted online)
  • Most but not all trips will be guided by a fellow Witness.
  • There is some but not a lot of flexibility in the posted itineraries since itinerary (routes/rooms/sites of interest/TG experience in doing/etc.) has been proven over time
  • NOTE: If any prices are quoted on the trip of you choice those prices are an estimate and will be confirmed after a date is set.

How to proceed:

If you have the interest and didn’t find a regular scheduled trip that works for you and would like to proceed with setting up and scheduling your own J4U trip you can do so by clicking on the trip you’re interested in and you can send a Request of Interest directly to BCT from that trip’s webpage.

After submitting your request as mentioned above BCT will contact you with further information and questions concerning details of your interest so we can make your J4U trip the trip of a life time.

All trips header/links are noted as to the minimum needed for BCT to support such a trip.

Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai Private Tour
<ul> <strong>Land Package</strong> <li>3 to a room $1900</li> <li>2 to a room $1930</li> <li>1 to a room $2580</li> </ul> See available prices

Beijing Xian Guilin Shanghai Private Tour (12 Days)

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  • September 17-28, 2019

Sites to be seen: China, Great Wall of china, ming tombs, temple of heaven, summer palace, forbidden city, Xian, Beijing, li river and more...

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