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⚠️ Viajando durante la pandemia de coronavirus (CoVID-19) [Politica de BCT]

The ‘Trip of a Lifetime’ is Fun, Safe & Affordable!

Let BCT help you plan your visit to Warwick, Wallkill, Patterson and other Bethel homes around the globe! With over 35 years in planning and guiding Bethel tours, BCT guarantees an unforgettable and feasible journey for travelers of all ages!

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The Trip of a Lifetime can be had on tour with Bethel Coach Tours! The Trip of a Lifetime can be had on tour with Bethel Coach Tours! The Trip of a Lifetime can be had on tour with Bethel Coach Tours! The Trip of a Lifetime can be had on tour with Bethel Coach Tours!

Due to current events, phone service and email responses may take a bit longer, but you will be taken care of as quickly as possible. We appreciate your understanding!

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Popular Bethel Destinations

New York Only

From $520

Mexico / Ecuador

From $600

China / Japan

From $1900

NY & Canada

From $990


From $2996

Bible Lands

From $1550


From $1599

Land and Full Packages Available!

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Why Choose BCT?

We do the work so you don’t have to. 
Traveling can be stressful sometimes. Let us do the work for you! We’ll reserve your Bethel tours, your hotel, your flights and more.

We have the connection needed to make it happen. 
As you might imagine, with over 35 years worth of traveling, we’ve made friends near and far. We offer the best to our guests!

You’ll be informed from start to finish. 
With your personal online travel desktop, you’ll be provided documentation and payment info whenever you need it – right from your computer or mobile device!

Our Tour Guides are trained professionals. 
What’s more, our guides are loving, fellow Witnesses. They will do everything in their power to make sure you’re informed, comfortable and at ease.

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Europe Ultimate Tour (Rome, Florence, Venice, London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam) (19 Days)
August 8 - 26, 2021
August 9 - 27, 2020

Sites to be seen: Rome, Trevi Fountain, The Pantheon, Rome Catacombs, Rome Bethel, Florence, Tuscany, Siena, Venice, London, London Bethel, Paris, Paris Bethel, Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Brussels, Ghent, Amsterdam and more...

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