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Cross Country Bus Tours

No doubt you are excited about the prospects of putting together a cross Country Bus Trip from your area of the country. It’s a lot of hard work but when successfully done it is very very rewarding to all who get to go and especially to you the promoter.

BCT has three trips that we can assist you with. Due to the complicated nature and expenses involved in Cross Country Bus trips we have very little flexibility in the options and itineraries shown below so look the options below over and let us know which one you want to organize.

Just FYI:

  • All trips are 7 Day trips not counting cross country drive time to get to your destination and back.
  • Bus will not stop overnight until destination is reached both going there and going back home.
  • Any Month is OK for you to schedule your trip except Nov, Dec, Jan, & Feb.
  • The more you have go the better. Spreading the cost of the trip between 50 verses 30 would mean you could charge $960 p/p verses $1600 p/p.

All trips (Departing West of the Mississippi River) are priced at $48,000 and include:

  • A 48 or 55 passenger bus and driver with over 1 million in liability insurance as suggested by the Society.
  • 6 nights of rooms for up to 55 people with no more than 4 single occupancy rooms. You can have as many rooms as you want with 2, 3 or 4 people to a room.
  • Breakfast everyday at the hotel. No other meals will be provided.
  • Includes MET Bible Tour – Does not include any other admission fees
  • Tour Guide from when you arrive at your destination to when you depart for home. A BCT provided tour guide will not accompany you on the cross country portion of your trip. You will be expected to work with the driver(s) to assist the group for rest stops and stops to eat.
  • You will be given a packet of FAQ’s and suggestions to help you plan your trip plus a final packet with a detailed itinerary a month from departure.

Here is how it works:

  • You decide according to the interest how much you want to charge per-person. Notify BCT of the p/p price and if we agree then we sign a contract to assist you with your trip.
  • To confirm the trip you pay BCT a $14,000 deposit
    • Cancellation and refund policy is as follows:
    • If cancelled before 6 months from departure 7K is refundable
    • If cancelled after 6 months from departure 3.5K is refundable
    • If cancelled after 3 months from departure NO REFUNDS.
  • As far as payment by the passengers are concerned you can collect the payments and send them to BCT or you can have passengers pay BCT directly by PayPal to the email address BCTBus& either way is acceptable. You will receive a receipt of all payment made by you or by your passengers.
  • After deposit is made the balance of $34,000 needs to be paid in full by 90 days from departure.

Here is what you will be responsible for:

  • Filling the bus – taking the reservations and notifying BCT when each and every reservation is confirmed.
  • Deciding the p/p price
  • Arranging payments to BCT
  • Promotional flyers with you name, contact info, and whatever trip information you want to include. BCT can help you with the design and wording but this is your trip so your name and contract information should be on all flyers. If anyone calls BCT we will direct them to you.
  • Rooming list at least 90 days from departure. If you get others to sign on after the 90 days out deadline then BCT will need to confirm availability before you can confirm the reservation.

Important Question: “What if after giving you the deposit I am not able to get enough reservations to pay the $48,000 price?”

Good question. See cancellation and refund policy above. There are no exceptions. Therefore please do not take on the responsibility of organizing a cross country bus trip, or send us the deposit, unless you are reasonably certain you can get enough to cover your cost of $48,000. That means you should set the p/p price of your trip to cover the possibility that you may not be able to fill the bus. Lots of people want to go and say they will go until it comes time to collect the money for them to go. We have found the rule of thumb to be – If 50 say yes they will go 30 will go so to get 50 then at least 70 need to commit.

For BCT to list online and help you promote a Cross Country Bus trip from your area, you are required to provide the following information to BCT:

Option #1: DC/NY/Canada

Itinerary: Arrive Sat NY (Sunday DC/Baltimore Harbor) – Depart Wed to Canada – Depart Canada Friday for home. Includes: DC/Holocaust Museum, Baltimore Harbor, World Headquarters NY, Patterson Education Center, Watchtower Farm Wallkill, & Canada Branch

Option #2: NY/Canada

Itinerary: Arrive Sat NY (Sunday Manhattan) – Depart Wed to Canada – Depart Canada Friday for home. Includes: Manhattan, Broadway, Matinee Play (not included in price), Play time NYC, World Headquarters NY, Patterson Education Center, Watchtower Farm Wallkill, & Canada Branch

Option #3: DC/NY/Smithsonian

Itinerary: Arrive Sat DC – Depart Tue to NY – Depart Fri for home Includes: Washington DC w/Smithsonian, DC Monuments, Baltimore Harbor, Holocaust Museum, World Headquarters NY, Patterson Education Center, & Watchtower Farm Wallkill.

[If they exist, scheduled cross country bus tours will appear below:]