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Europe Classic + London | 16 Day Tour
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The Overview

<strong>Römerberg:</strong> The historic heart of the city where you can shop, eat and soak in the historic atmosphere of the city. Sachsenhausen: City suburb south of the Main with traditional Apfelwein (cider) bars. Goethe’s House: Birth place of Germany’s gre
<strong>Römerberg:</strong> The historic heart of the city where you can shop, eat and soak in the historic atmosphere of the city. Sachsenhausen: City suburb south of the Main with traditional Apfelwein (cider) bars. Goethe’s House: Birth place of Germany’s greatest poet.

<strong>Amsterdam by canal.</strong>

Amsterdam is world famous for its four rings of canals round the oldest part of the city, its 1281 bridges and hundreds of 17th century houses lining the boat filled waterways.

The Plantin-Moretus Museum in <strong>Antwerp, Belgium</strong>, stems from the most important printer-publisher in the second half of the sixteenth century. A Guttenberg Bible, the oldest printing presses in the world, and well preserved record of sixteenth century domestic and commercial life make this museum with its thirty-four rooms well worth a visit. One of the most beautiful printed books preceding 1501 (incunables or cradle books) is without doubt the 36-lined Gutenberg Bible, made with the letter material of the book printing inventor. Post-incunables (books from between 1501 – 1540) are also amply represented.

<strong>Brussels</strong> is known as the capital of Europe because it has become synonymous with the project to unite the continent. Shopping around the Grand’ Place will be some of the best of the entire trip. Fashionable shops with good prices. The ornate Baroque guild houses with their burnished facades were completed in 1695. The end result of Louis XIV’s folly is Europe’s most sumptuous market square.

<strong>Luxembourg</strong> has always occupied a prime position on the map of international politics. From 1443 until 1839 it suffered no fewer than six foreign occupations, transforming Luxembourg into one of the most important fortifications in the world. Therefore, the scenery of both the country and city of Luxembourg is rich which historical castles, churches, bridges and fortresses.

<strong>Thun</strong> and <strong>Interlaken</strong>, two beautiful gateways to the Alps, sit on opposite ends of Thun lake. Thun features an unspoiled old town with fine buildings, attractive squares, and “double-decker” shops plus a world-famous castle and the Schadau Park. The mountains are so close you can almost touch them.

<strong>The Castle of Chillon</strong> sits on a solid rock island jutting out into lake Geneve. It was here that Lord Byron wrote his famous romantic poem “The Prisoner of Chillon.” The original surrounding wall of the castle was built before the 11th century. Inside the walls are three courtyards surrounded by the moat bridge entrance (originally a drawbridge), military quarters, cannon rooms, long loopholes for archers, dungeons and underground vaults. Its history is rich and well preserved.

<strong>Montreux</strong> has long been considered the diamond of the Swiss Riviera. You will find palm trees, balm weather, and flowering camellias alongside Lake Geneva. Experience a spectacular view of Lake Geneva by riding on the cable railway to Caux and the Rochers de Naye or take a 45 minute boat ride out on the lake and experience the breathtaking view of the Alps that tower above.

<strong>Rothenburg</strong> is the “medieval capital” of Germany. A walk through Rothenburg is just like a time tunnel. Not only stately towers, massive fortifications and patrician houses but also the historical festivals will bring you closer to the spirit of the middle ages. And there is no doubt that there is also a spirit of hospitality in this town.

Vast, vibrant and truly multicultural,<strong> London</strong> is one of the world’s great cities. Located in the southeast of England, on the River Thames, it is the capital of the United Kingdom (UK) and has been the heart of its political, cultural and business life for centuries. As the population of the greater London area pushes inexorably towards the 10 million mark, the city continues to grow and thrive. London’s very real multiculturalism is evident on every street (and many restaurant plates) and is a key reason why people love the city. Experience all the charms of the modern London, not least, the extraordinary breadth of London’s cultural life, with world-class art galleries and theaters, buzzing nightlife, film, music, culinary and fashion scenes – all while enjoying some of the best company on Earth and with a visit to this loving Bethel home.
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<strong>Day 1 – Friday: </strong>Depart for Frankfurt from USA

<strong>Day 2 – Saturday:  </strong>Arrive Frankfurt, Germany. Frankfurt: Roemerberg, Sachsenhausen

<strong>Day 3 – Sunday: </strong>Frankfurt: Goethe’s House (self guided)

Duesseldorf, Germany, Emmen, Netherlands

<strong>Day 4 – Monday: </strong>Branch tour in Emmen, Netherlands. Zaanse Schans, Canal ride in Amsterdam

<strong>Day 5 – Tuesday: </strong>Tour Branch in Kraainem Belgium. Tour Plantin-Moretus Museum in Antwerp,Belgium, Free Afternoon and Evening in Brussels, Belgium

<strong>Day 6 – Wednesday: </strong>Visit and shop Luxembourg. Train ride / Boat ride / Shop / Wine Tasting on the Moselle River

<strong>Day 7 – Thursday:  </strong>Lunch in Strasbourg, France. Check into Hotel in Thun, Switzerland

<strong>Day 8 – Friday:  </strong>Free day in Interlaken and Thun

<strong>Day 9 – Saturday:  </strong>Montreux: Le Chateau Chillon Tour

Lunch around Montreux, ride through the Swiss Alps

<strong>Day 10 – Sunday:  </strong>Lunch Lindau Island, Explore Rothenburg ob der Tauber Germany

<strong>Day 11 – Monday: </strong>Day in Rothenburg

<strong>Day 12 – Tuesday:  </strong>Leave Rothenburg. Tour Selters Branch, Germany. Frankfurt, Germany

<strong>Day 13 – Wednesday:  </strong>Depart Frankfurt / Arrive London Check into Hotel Remainder of day sightseeing London

<strong>Day 14 – Thursday:  </strong>Sightseeing London Double Decker Bus

<strong>Day 15 – Friday:  </strong>Visit Bethel Branch in London – Sightseeing London, walking tour

<strong>Day 16 – Saturday: </strong>Depart London for Home.
<ul> <strong>From Continental US</strong> <li>3 to a room: $4750</li> <li>2 to a room: $4830</li> <li>1 to a room: $5335</li> </ul> <ul> <strong>From Mexico/ Canada</strong> <li>3 to a room: $4800</li> <li>2 to a room: $4880</li> <li>1 to a room: $5385</li> </ul> <ul> <strong>Land Package</strong> <li>3 to a room: $3550</li> <li>2 to a room: $3430</li> <li>1 to a room: $3935</li> </ul>

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<strong>What's Included</strong>

<li>Canal Cruise, Amsterdam, Netherlands</li>

<li>Tour Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp, Belgium</li>

<li>Boat ride on river Moselle & Wine Tasting, Luxembourg</li>

<li>Tour Castle Chillion, Montreux, Switzerland</li>

<li>Full Package Prices Include Round trip airfare out of airport near you; airport taxes</li>

<li>Services of a professional tour guide from arrival to departure.</li>

<li>Private deluxe air-conditioned motor coach when touring</li>

<li>Requested accommodations w/private bath or shower & hotel taxes.</li>

<li>Daily breakfast.</li>



<strong>What's Not Included</strong>

<li>Museum / Entertainment Fees and Admissions in London. Only a daily breakfast is included in the price.</li>


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