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J4U Bible Lands Tours – Greek Islands / Turkey Cruise + Athens + Israel + Turkey | 21 Day Tour
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The Overview

<strong>Athens</strong> can’t help but wear its history on its sleeve—it’s hard to go anywhere in the city out of sight of the Acropolis—and millions of tourists flock here every year to visit the iconic Parthenon, Agora, and Dionysus’s Theater. Feel fre
<strong>Athens</strong> can’t help but wear its history on its sleeve—it’s hard to go anywhere in the city out of sight of the Acropolis—and millions of tourists flock here every year to visit the iconic Parthenon, Agora, and Dionysus’s Theater.

Feel free to navigate the winding streets of tourist-friendly <strong>Mykonos</strong> Town, lined with upscale shops and restaurants, Mykonos can suit any traveler’s desires. Board at the port of Piraeus (Athens). From there you will sail in luxury and comfort and enjoy both the beautiful destinations and the luxury of your floating hotel! Within a few hours you will be settling down to your evening meal overlooking the lights, the pulse and the cosmopolitan air of Mykonos. Breakfast at the little seaside town of Kusadasi. Next stop is Patmos and dinner with a view of the imposing medieval town of Chora. Awake to the bustling capital of Crete, Heraklion, and then, with ease and comfort you will arrive for the evening at the beautiful, “lacy” caldera of Santorini.

Straddling two continents, <strong>Turkey</strong> has long served as Europe’s portal to the East. Three percent of the country, including most of Istanbul, sits in Europe; the rest spreads out into Asia.

<strong>ISRAEL</strong>: “See the Good Land” is the theme of this tour, which is undoubtedly the most comprehensive theocratic Biblical tour of Israel available. For 2014 we have again secured the services of a local Israeli Tour Guide considered by past BCT travelers and current BCT Tour Guides alike to be the best, with over 40 years experience of guiding and archaeology in Israel. In addition, our highly experienced theocratic guides will be Tim Martin from Brooklyn, assisted by Elie Orphee from NY, who between them will also present several re-enactments and readings from the Scriptures in what is thought to be the authentic sites. You can volunteer to take part in those exciting dramas!

Also included is the BCT unique theocratic tour of the Israel Museum, with some amazing and faith-building artifacts. This museum is the largest cultural institution in the State of Israel and is ranked among the leading art and archaeology museums in the world.

The Shrine of the Book is the home of several exceptional archaeological finds including the Dead Sea Scrolls and other rare ancient manuscripts.

Every year, archaeologists are discovering an amazing number of new features from ancient Israel. <em>In our most recent trips we have been to</em> the newly unearthed real Pool of Siloam (next door to what was previously thought to be it); the channels mentioned by Josephus where people tried to hide from the destruction in 70CE; the astonishing ‘Burnt House’ from 70CE; underneath the Temple all the way down to bedrock and quarry; walked through the tunnels from Hezekiah and David’s times; marvelled at the open-air Biblical Landscape Museum giving insight into details of the natural world there; and the ‘ancient’ Nazareth Village complete with carpenters shop, shepherds and watchtower; walked exactly where Jesus walked, in Capernaum and Jerusalem (on the same actual stones); went to Jesus baptism site in the Jordan; and where the Israelites probably crossed into Israel…

…spent an authentic evening having dinner with Abraham in the Judean desert, at sunset; saw the home of Dead Sea Scrolls as well as where they were found; bought some real Widows Mites; walked around Masada which has many newly opened ancient features; watched many films which helped greatly to fit each site into place both historically and topographically; walked through each bustling quarter of old Jerusalem, enjoying many local meals whilst absorbing the wonderful old charm of the place; had free time to enjoy old Jerusalem with our new Israel Trip family.

<strong>TURKEY: </strong>The theme of the trip through Turkey will be: “How Did They Maintain Their Heart Devotion?” Despite Satan’s all-out efforts to attack and destroy the faith of first-century Christians they maintained their integrity. How? And what lessons can we learn from them? You will learn the answers to these questions and more as you visit the cities of Ephesus, Pergamum and others.”

There is so much to see in Turkey that it is often referred to as the Other Holy Land. Ephesus: a visit to this city is a must see for any Bible student. The apostle Paul visited Ephesus on his second and third missionary tours. Paul accomplished much in Ephesus and many became worshipers of Jehovah as a result! (Acts 18:19-21; Acts 19:10-17) Pergamum: Is where pagan religion was greatly stressed including the worship of political rulers. In addition, you see other ancient cities and sites in Turkey.

<em>All itineraries are subject to adjustment as required.</em> Confirmed, final and detailed itineraries (and additional important travel details) are posted in individual online reservation ‘desktops’ 30 days before their respective departure dates
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<strong>Day 1</strong> – Arrive Athens

<strong>Day 2</strong> – Board Athens (Piraeus), Greece & Mykonos, Greece

<strong>Day 3</strong> – Kusadasi, Turkey & Patmos, Greece

<strong>Day 4</strong> – Crete (Heraklion), Greece & Santorini, Greece

<strong>Day 5 to June 24 Day 7</strong> – Arrive Athen (Cruise ship arrives early am at the Athens Piraeus dock). A detailed itinerary will be provided soon for the Athens portion of this trip* (see below for possibilities)

<strong>Day 8</strong> –  Depart Athens / 
TelAviv arrivals from all around the globe. Free time all day in Tel Aviv. Overnight: TelAviv. Dinner at hotel included

<strong>Day 9</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Tour the TelAviv ‘Bethel’ (9 – 10.30am) and Joppa; see Simon the Tanner’s house and walk down to the ancient Port. Get own local cuisine for lunch; after lunch tour Biblical Landscape Museum. Coach back to Hotel, TelAviv for group dinner (included)

<strong>Day 10</strong> – Breakfast in hotel, check out of Tel Aviv hotel. Visit Caesarea & Megiddo (lunch at Megiddo, not included). Nazareth Village – experience a memorable re-creation of Nazareth of 2000 years ago. Group dinner (in- cluded) at a Tiberias hotel.

<strong>Day 11</strong> – Breakfast in hotel, check out of Tiberias hotel. Tour of the Sea of Galilee area: Mount of Beatitudes for a reading of the Sermon on the Mount, then Capernaum. Optional Galilee Fish lunch. Coach to Jerusalem via Jordan baptism site; Drive to and check into Jerusalem Hotel, dinner included.

<strong>Day 12</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Take coach to Mt. of Olives, walk down to Gethsemane. Guided Bible tour of Israel Museum (we have our own theocratic guide), Shrine of the Book and the huge outdoor model of ancient Jerusalem. Guided tour of the Garden Tomb site. Dinner at hotel (included)

<strong>Day 13</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Visit to Temple Mount including new excavations at the Western Wall Tunnel, Enjoy city walk, Wohl Museum & Burnt House, continue to the City of David (enjoy excellent film show of Jerusalem’s history). Visit to Gihon, Hezkia’s Tunnel, Warren Shaft, Pool of Siloan, Herods steps. Guided tour of Garden Tomb site.

Day 14</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Leave with coach for Masada, using the cable car. Enjoy an optional Dead Sea float. Visit to the amazing ancient Jericho archeological site : followed by evening function with old Abraham in his tent in the Judean Desert, including Camel ride and Biblical dinner.

<strong>Day 15</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Free Day July 3 
- Day 16 – Breakfast in hotel. Guests transfer by taxi, to TLV airport and Departure for Turkey and other destinations.

<strong>July 3 – Day 16</strong> – Meet at Izmir Airport and transfer to hotel in Izmir (Smyrna) for dinner and overnight stay.

<strong>July 4 – Day 17</strong> – Breakfast at the hotel and continue to Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-17) to visit the Acropolis, Temple of Athena, library, Royal Palace, Temple of Trajan, the steepest theater of the ancient world, Altar of Zeus. Then visit Asclepion (medical center of the ancient world). Continue to Thyatira (Revelation 2:18-29) which was a commercial center, visit remains of a church and then return to Izmir for dinner and overnight.

<strong>Day 18</strong> – Breakfast and depart from Izmir to Ephesus, a cradle of early Christianity (Revelation 1:1 ; 2:1-7). Proceed to spectacular ruins from the period of Paul; see Odeon, Fountains, Temples; Library, Great theater and stadium. Temple of Artemis (one of the seventh wonders of the ancient world.) Dinner and overnight.

<strong>Day 19</strong> – Breakfast and check out of hotel. Visit Aphrodisias en route to Pamukkale (which was ancient Hierapolis mentioned at Colossians 4:13.) Dinner and overnight in Pamukkale Hotel.

<strong>Day 20</strong> – Breakfast and check out of hotel. Early morning start with the wonderful formations of stalactites and watch the Cataracts falling into the Basin at the bottom of the Mountain. Continue the tour with the ancient city of Hierapolis. Then see the ancient city of Laodicea. Visit Laodicea (Revelation 3:14-22). Continue to Philadelphia (Revelation 3:7-13) to visit Acropolis. Visit Sardes (Revelation 3:1-6), capital of the ancient Lydia. See the Temple of Diana, the Golden River (Pactalos) and the royal road. Then visit the reconstructed synagogue and continue to Izmir for dinner and overnight (final dinner together.)

<strong>July 8 – Day 21</strong> – Breakfast in hotel. Transfer to Izmir Airport.

<strong>Note</strong>: for reasons beyond our control it may not be possible to visit everything listed above. However every effort will be made to include as much as reasonably possible. Listed below are most of the locations we will be visiting on our Bible Lands Tour. To many of those locations we have included references to our Christian publications so that you can look up this information in advance. This reference list does not include everything we have published on the locations we will be visiting, but will help get you started on preparing.

<strong>*Possible sites and activities in Athens</strong>:


<li>Athen Branch Tour</li>

<li>Areopagus (Acts 17:16-34)</li>


<li>Ancient Agora</li>

<li>Ancient Corinth</li>

<li>Ancient Corinth museum</li>

<li>Isthmus canal</li>

<li>Lycabettus – beautiful mountain high view of the city</li>




<li>ISRAEL (Ancient Land): si 270-278; it-1 332-336; it-2 469-470</li>

<li>JERUSALEM (Ancient): it-2 40-41, 951</li>

<li>JOPPA: it-2 104</li>

<li>CAPERNAUM: it-1 410-412</li>

<li>SEA OF GALILEE: it-1 885</li>

<li>NAZARETH: it-2 476</li>




<li>Ephesus: it-1 734 -735</li>

<li>Smyrna: it-1 982</li>

<li>Pergamum: it-2 607-608</li>

<li>Thyatira: it-2 p. 1099</li>

<li>Sardis: it-2 864</li>

<li>Philadelphia: it-2 626</li>

<li>Laodicea: it-2 204</li>

<ul> <strong>Land Package</strong> <strong>Greece Cruise & Athens Tour Only(Includes in-country flight)</strong> <li>Inside: 1 to a Cabin/Room: $5110</li> <li>Outside: 1 to a Cabin/Room: $5310</li> <li>Inside: 2 to a Cabin/Room: $4110</li> <li>Outside: 2 to a Cabin/Room: $4315</li> <li>Inside: 3 to a Cabin/Room: $3995</li> <li>Outside: 3 to a Cabin/Room: $4195</li> </ul>

All prices herein are per person and are subject to change without notice. "Full Package" prices are especially subject to change due to the fluctuation in airfare. For Instance: Travelers can expect to pay additional airfare for summer tour dates if their tour includes New York. We will notify you three months, or less, before your departure of any additional fees.

Regarding Land Package Pricing:

Land Package prices signify that...

  1. ...BCT will NOT provide your transportation EXCEPT during the tour.
  2. ...you will be required to arrange your own transportation (be that airfare or train or car) at the beginning and after the tour.
  3. ...BCT is not responsible for any cost associated with the cost of your transportation (be that airfare or train or car) at the beginning and after the tour. Including penalties, fees and/or rebooking cost when a trip is cancelled or moved.
  4. ...while your transportation is provided during the tour you will be required to arrange your own transportation (be that airfare or train or car) at the beginning and after the tour.

Click here to read about the advantages of booking a 'full package' trip versus a 'land package' trip.


<strong>Greece Island + Turkey Cruise Includes:</strong>

<li>Cabin accommodation in the category booked</li>

<li>Full Board</li>

<li>Gala evening and shows, Entertainment on board</li>

<li>Port charges</li>

<li>Swimming pool & fitness center</li>



<strong>What's Not Included</strong>

<li>Beverages of any type.</li>

<li>Shore excursions.</li>


<li>Personal Expenses.</li>

<li>Tips to the hotel, guide and driver.</li>



<strong>What's Included</strong>

<li>Transportation each day for touring and sightseeing</li>

<li>In-Country Flights Athens/Israel Israel/Turkey</li>

<li>Entrance fees for scheduled touring sites</li>

<li>Breakfast and/or Lunch as noted on the day by day itinerary.</li>

<li>Rooming in a 3 star or higher hotel</li>

<li>When touring Israel prices include three tour guides: one local guide to conduct our tour which is required by the local laws and two Witness guides. Past travelers and current BCT Tour Guides say the current Israel Guide is one of the very best registered Israel Guides available. The Witness guides will be Brother Timothy E. Martin and Brother Elie Orphee. Brother Martin will be volunteering his own time to conduct these tours. Your tour through Israel will be biblically accurate and of the greatest encouragement to you</li>

<li>Tour Watchtower Branch Office in Athens Greece & Tel Aviv Israel.</li>

<li>Airport / Hotel shuttle service for full packages</li>

<li>BCT agents to meet / greet at both airport / hotel</li>


See Frequently Asked Questions related to tours

All itineraries are subject to adjustment as required. Confirmed, final and detailed itineraries (and additional important travel details) are posted in individual online reservation 'desktops' 30 days before their respective departure dates.

A deposit of $350 per person is required at the time you make your reservation to ensure your space on the tour. Refunds are possible only to those who purchase travel insurance, provided cancellation conditions are met. Payment in full is due 90 days before the trip departure date. Learn more ». Hotel information will be provided 90 days from the trips departure date for those who've confirmed their reservation(s).

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